23-Okt, 2020
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@Mariaagloriaa __ love you so muuuuuuuuch!

  • Yooo You can sing really good :00!!!

    Sarah MollySarah Molly4 soat oldin
  • Beat the deivl out of it

    Kaylor HavensKaylor Havens17 soat oldin
  • Its the 90s on the playground

    Kaylor HavensKaylor Havens17 soat oldin
  • brandon i see u wearing lipstick at that last frame xD wonder where that came from

    Argyro V.Argyro V.Kun oldin
  • She's beautiful!

    Candii A.L.Candii A.L.Kun oldin
  • She's so funny! Why isn't she in more videos?! OMG!

    Andersson DykeAndersson DykeKun oldin
  • "I do" BAHHA

    Ingy ddIngy ddKun oldin
  • Then who yo wife

    SGLSGL2 kun oldin
  • Him:🍒I tried Me: Oop :0

    Dalynn DepyaticDalynn Depyatic2 kun oldin
  • Thank you.... Ummm NO! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 What a cute couple. ☺️

    SelmaSelma3 kun oldin
  • Petition for a carpool karaoke with autumn and María

    Emarelis OteroEmarelis Otero4 kun oldin
  • They’re literally so freaking cute I couldn’t stop laughing 😂😂😂

    Jasmine VelascoJasmine Velasco4 kun oldin
  • When she said 1994. I felt old instantly xD

    Lena RLena R4 kun oldin
  • I kinda want a full version of reflection of him now

    Gimini96Gimini964 kun oldin
  • Is no one going to mention that he was quoting Bob Ross, Brandon: Beat the devil outta it

    Dancing PandaDancing Panda4 kun oldin
  • When he did the Bob Ross moment...I cried

    Faithie LalaFaithie Lala4 kun oldin
  • Seriously, he has a great voice, I'd ask him to sing with me and to me so much

    Sarah KilpatrickSarah Kilpatrick5 kun oldin
  • The amount of sexual references is beautiful lol

    Sarah KilpatrickSarah Kilpatrick5 kun oldin
  • Gloria's laugh is so wonderful

    ManniseiMannisei5 kun oldin

    Triston youngTriston young6 kun oldin
  • He kinda looks like he dressed up as hyunjin in the my pace mv

    Dontworry beappyDontworry beappy7 kun oldin
  • Has any one notice that there’s two vids that have the same name?

    Scott RustandScott Rustand7 kun oldin
  • I absolutley love how they interact with each other

    KatGirlKatGirl7 kun oldin
  • When are you two getting married?!? 🤪🤪🥰🥰

    Lynnsy SanLynnsy San7 kun oldin
  • They are the cutest couple on the planet!

    Dub-D 12Dub-D 128 kun oldin
  • His description 😂

    Erin BoisvertErin Boisvert8 kun oldin
  • Never drink water and watch him

    Elise GulickElise Gulick8 kun oldin
  • Why I kneww Van Gogh would date a pretty latina

    Sara MachadoSara Machado8 kun oldin
  • This is honestly the most ive laughed in years

    •Møchi• -Chan- .-.•Møchi• -Chan- .-.8 kun oldin
  • when will you get famous your very funny

    Rainy CourterRainy Courter8 kun oldin
  • Yall are so cute

    Nature lover LilacNature lover Lilac9 kun oldin

    W BW B9 kun oldin
  • yes

    Jordanne McLeanJordanne McLean9 kun oldin
  • James Charles is punching the air right now 😂

    Kyrah PlayzKyrah Playz10 kun oldin
  • At one point I thought he was doing the Kioshi warrior makeup

    IveraoIverao10 kun oldin
  • Relationship Goals ♡ I love yall

    susie Tiffanysusie Tiffany11 kun oldin
  • Hey,are u copying Robby cuz u ur just doing this for a year and trying to copy his attitude but ur not cute🤨🤓

    Srisha RamrajSrisha Ramraj11 kun oldin
  • GET MARRIED!!!!!!

    Izzy DeRosiaIzzy DeRosia11 kun oldin
  • 3:06 it's that Bob Ross??? Because I love it

    Alondra LizarazoAlondra Lizarazo11 kun oldin
  • She sorta look like Jennifer Beals when she played Alex in Flashdance

    sofia hernandez quinterosofia hernandez quintero11 kun oldin
  • Want a break from the adds🤣

    sugar._. skullsugar._. skull12 kun oldin
  • i thought you were gonna use the james charles palette lmao

    meowzersmeowzers12 kun oldin
  • Her laugh is SO Joyful!

    Cami LCami L13 kun oldin
  • They are so cute

    T BT B14 kun oldin
  • Ur not gay?

    Lauren JamesLauren James16 kun oldin
    • I thought that

      Lily百合Lily百合14 kun oldin
  • he gives me gay vibes

    Emily LafranceEmily Lafrance16 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Taki’z girl Playzzz robloxTaki’z girl Playzzz roblox16 kun oldin
  • "I asked you to Do this seriously" *Shoves face in her boobs* "I TRIED"

    Champagne ToastChampagne Toast17 kun oldin
  • I'm crying 🤣

    Kelly ZuchKelly Zuch17 kun oldin
  • You guys are amaaaazing together!! I’m laughing soooo hard right now but seriously y’all two are adorable 😍

    Celeste SoteloCeleste Sotelo17 kun oldin
  • The scrunchie (Srry bout if I spelled it wrong) that Brandon was holding in his hand WAS THE SAME ONE I HAVE ON MY HEAD AHHH

    ASMR BLOXASMR BLOX22 kun oldin
  • I literally love you guys together

    Erica StephensonErica Stephenson24 kun oldin
  • Brandon I thought you were gay, you have that accent

    Mr NotNicMr NotNic24 kun oldin
  • Love this

    Tanja DurbinTanja Durbin25 kun oldin
  • Oh Brandon! Your singing was...phenomenal? You should some a Disney singing video.

    SarineLewisSarineLewis25 kun oldin
  • Her: You keep looking down here Him: I'm getting inspection looool 😂I'm dead

    Nesrine AiciNesrine Aici26 kun oldin
  • I'm literally gut laughing. Like from my belly laughing! You 2 should make vids together ALWAYS!

    Tammy YoungTammy Young26 kun oldin
  • U should do a singing videos 🤣

    Luce cruzLuce cruz26 kun oldin
  • I'm dying @ "I TRIED" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    samoanshinesamoanshine26 kun oldin
  • Also, "and beat the devil out of it" just about killed me

    merbear711merbear71126 kun oldin
  • Watching your videos has become a regular part of our routine for months now. You are absolutely hilarious. Videos with you and Gloria are even better. The two of you are both hilarious and the love and friendship between you is a beautiful thing. Of course, no offense to Gloria, but our absolute favorite are when you and autumn are doing stuff. It's so sweet the relationship you have with her. 💜🖤💛💚 (green is me. Will you adopt me? Lol )

    merbear711merbear71126 kun oldin
  • Omg why is no one talking about: Gloria: Do you have something in your throat? Bob Farris: Huh? 3:14

    Cupcake MenaceCupcake Menace26 kun oldin
  • 4:18 that song is Zombie by The Cranberries :3

    ルースちゃんルースちゃん26 kun oldin
  • “I think ur perfect even for The nineties” *What?!* 😂🥺✌🏻

    :Emma Summerlin::Emma Summerlin:27 kun oldin
  • His answer for almost everything "It's the 90's"😂😂

    Rowan ThomasRowan Thomas27 kun oldin
  • you do a great Bob ross!!! 😁😁

    Kathy MarieKathy Marie27 kun oldin
  • Y'all need to stop reminding me I'm old enough to be your mother, yet my own child is only a year older than Autumn 😆

    Sheri RacineSheri Racine27 kun oldin
  • you two are perfct for each other

    Jennifer BallardJennifer Ballard27 kun oldin
  • Omg #bobross

    ØSleeping- SlugØØSleeping- SlugØ28 kun oldin
  • I thought he was married already?

    Miranda WangerMiranda Wanger29 kun oldin
  • Wait is this the one with the kid autumn

    Fall ArtistsFall Artists29 kun oldin
  • 😂

    Tiffany SheltonTiffany SheltonOy oldin
  • Rated pg-13 folks

  • How long have you guys been together?

    billi blountbilli blountOy oldin
  • I absolutely love seeing y'all two interact with each other

    Amy LeighAmy LeighOy oldin
  • Real couples laugh about burps together 🤣

    Jasmyn EmilyJasmyn EmilyOy oldin
  • What is that? The 90s "WOAH"

    GhostFaceGhostFaceOy oldin
  • i want my relationship to be like this

    Baby_Turtles_Baby_Turtles_Oy oldin
  • Never been so early

    Heidy CordovaHeidy CordovaOy oldin
  • Brandon is pretty good at singing

    Jazleen CastellanosJazleen CastellanosOy oldin
  • Yasssss KING AND QUEEN

    Jeffrey CameronJeffrey CameronOy oldin
  • Brandon is so dirty now on halloween influenced by Gloria Smiley faces

    Favour Don-ibehFavour Don-ibehOy oldin
  • They are cutest

    Favour Don-ibehFavour Don-ibehOy oldin
  • Her: My tights keep rolling down Him: *casually reaches for leg* Her: i DiDn'T aSk YoU tO dO iT Him: you didn't have to

    JillPickle LolJillPickle LolOy oldin

    Lauren DuwellLauren DuwellOy oldin
  • I can’t believe how good of a singer brandon is😨😂

    Alaynas SlothsAlaynas SlothsOy oldin
  • “I’m getting inspiration”

    Gavin JonesGavin JonesOy oldin
  • I love when you do videos with Gloria can you try to do more

    Yazz VlogsYazz VlogsOy oldin
  • I am at my day home and I am trying not to laugh because I am sitting next to a 4 year old

    Kimberly I.Kimberly I.Oy oldin
  • this is literally the cutest video

    Cassandra MathadorCassandra MathadorOy oldin
  • What kind of pallet is that ?

    Jackie RoseJackie RoseOy oldin
  • "Yeah see...ok"😂😂

    kirishima_is_so_ adorablekirishima_is_so_ adorableOy oldin
  • You are good at singing

    Leia CarlieLeia CarlieOy oldin
  • ......I had that exact same costume like 2 or 3 years ago-

    Alex MachadoAlex MachadoOy oldin
  • icp is the best

    Alexia WolfeAlexia WolfeOy oldin
  • It's a sponge. Get over it (I love you so much) 😂😂

    Allynah KnoxAllynah KnoxOy oldin
  • Why does her voice get deeper than his sometimes also why does any video she is in gets 18+

    Andrew FarnsworthAndrew FarnsworthOy oldin
  • In YoUr HeAd!!!! 😂

    Laynie SharpLaynie SharpOy oldin
  • I couldn't stop laughing! 😂 you guys are great!

    xRandomSarahxxRandomSarahxOy oldin
  • wHeN wIlL mY ReFlEcTiOn sHoW!!! tricerA.... -tops?

    Cake&poison C.Cake&poison C.Oy oldin