10-Okt, 2020
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I thought it looked..good.

  • Lol btw that’s NOT how you dye hair. It’s a two dye process. I’ve been dying my hair since I was 14... but comical

    Unseen Golden ShadowUnseen Golden Shadow10 soat oldin
  • Imagine a collab video with Jenna Marbles

    Naomi RiddleNaomi Riddle2 kun oldin
  • At least he didn't try cutting it blind folded 😂

    TigerLily05TigerLily053 kun oldin
  • Brad Mondo needs to react to this

    Cora WoodCora Wood4 kun oldin
  • They’re doing my hair so wrong but it’s hilarious you do not mix the color with the boots just so you know

    Pug Glitter PantsPug Glitter Pants5 kun oldin
  • My birthday is March 25 3 days away from his 🤭

    Sean GneccoSean Gnecco5 kun oldin
  • Literally me when I was dying my mom's hair 🤣

    Rose LofgreenRose Lofgreen6 kun oldin
  • so hee 14 oh obviously

    Kelsey JohnsonKelsey Johnson6 kun oldin
  • Not to be that know it all BUT here I go, YOU CANT MIX THE COLOR YOU WANT WITH BLEACH LMAO also you have to bleach at least twice for dark hair and use toner after to get true blonde instead of orange. Sorry and you're welcone

    Daryllann FergusonDaryllann Ferguson8 kun oldin
  • @bradmondo

    Love BugLove Bug10 kun oldin
  • lol the description

    •{Madi}••{Madi}•15 kun oldin
  • If you twiddle it more than two times....... 😂

    Celeste SoteloCeleste Sotelo19 kun oldin
  • You got a seven? I have no idea I’m dead 💀 😂

    Im BoredIm Bored19 kun oldin
  • Oh no lmao 🤣

    Kasey MKasey M19 kun oldin
  • I actually like the color.....

    Hazel TifiaehHazel Tifiaeh21 kun oldin
  • Normal people buy sleep masks Brandon duck tapes glasses

    Beelella 10Beelella 1022 kun oldin
  • Oh no .....lol

    tiamarie92tiamarie9223 kun oldin
  • the two of them should never be left without adult supervision

    Taylor UhlmanTaylor Uhlman25 kun oldin
  • There's no way Angel was born in 1996 he's at least 35

    Evan D. RogerEvan D. Roger26 kun oldin
  • Oh my good Gaaaawd

    Nichola ShannonNichola ShannonOy oldin
  • *brandon bleaches hair blindfolded* Brad Mondo: *high pitch scream* NOOOOOOOO NO NO NO NO NOOOOO

    Rhonda ValenzuelaRhonda ValenzuelaOy oldin
  • Hi 👋🏻.

    Americus SquibbAmericus SquibbOy oldin
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    Bryan-Dennys BouchardBryan-Dennys BouchardOy oldin
  • 2954

    Maranda StephensMaranda StephensOy oldin
  • I frickin loved that

    natalie van polennatalie van polenOy oldin
  • Omg... 1996? I thought Angel was like 28 or somethin close to that haha. I'm 23 and he's just one year older than me hahha woooooow He's so cute ❤️

    Esteban UniversidadEsteban UniversidadOy oldin
  • Me and angel have the same birthday

    Arminda SeeleyArminda SeeleyOy oldin
  • Why has no one pointed out how the colours of their gloves are the bi flag 🙆

    joséjoséOy oldin

    Kermit The kidKermit The kidOy oldin
  • I was trying to see if they were actually using Hayley's brand and then they mention her and I get the best cheap thrill. Paramore is my shit. I'd say he's sporting a mid 2007 Hayley.

    OllyInsomniaOllyInsomniaOy oldin
  • my birthday is march 22

    Lamar RamahiLamar RamahiOy oldin
  • He says put the color in the bleach its a 2 in 1

    Nicole Renee BowenNicole Renee BowenOy oldin
  • Those remind me of red mosbys sensory deporvators from the super bowl episode

    Amanda JacobsenAmanda JacobsenOy oldin
  • my birthday is march 22 2010!

    Nick CowdreyNick CowdreyOy oldin
  • Blows whistle blind than says Oh! Yea! U can still hear lol I luv how a guy in the hood with depression can literally be having a episode BT turn on sum doodler vids n im alllll good

    Eric RobinsonEric RobinsonOy oldin
  • Yooo mines March 21

    That dumb kidThat dumb kidOy oldin
  • I am dying when he said wow that's s clump!!!!

    sun babyUwUsun babyUwUOy oldin
  • We have the same birthday March 22

    Sienna FoxSienna FoxOy oldin
  • The color actually looks good though

    melnik 91011melnik 91011Oy oldin
  • Wow Brandon is good especially considering he did it blindfolded

    K's art and bakingK's art and bakingOy oldin
  • March 22nd 2018 is actually my sons birthday!

    Stormy LanhamStormy LanhamOy oldin
  • *YOU READY TO DIE---....* 😈 your hair 😊

    Shelby EshmanShelby EshmanOy oldin
  • Why the lamp abuse?????

    _}Sangwoo’s-ashbox{__}Sangwoo’s-ashbox{_Oy oldin

    Rennie ClossinRennie ClossinOy oldin
  • This will give brad mondo a heart attack

    Sandy BrownSandy BrownOy oldin

    Polar Path1278Polar Path1278Oy oldin
  • Brad Mondo might have an aneurism if he watches this😂😂😂

    Jasmyn EmilyJasmyn EmilyOy oldin
  • Thank u for having NO ADS *bows down*

    Itznot_ KaylanItznot_ KaylanOy oldin
  • I'm impressed. The finished hair looks amazing actually. Love the texture.

    caughtbyfantasycaughtbyfantasyOy oldin
  • @brad mondo

    kaden Boydkaden BoydOy oldin
  • Brad mondo is quaking

    Iris HerrinIris HerrinOy oldin
  • we need to get this to brad mondo

    Anna GravelAnna GravelOy oldin
  • Adding colour to bleach doesnt make it go that colour 😂 Gotta bleach, wash off then put semi permanent. Im an unemployed ex hairdresser i got nothing better to do haha * goes off to cry *

    Giselle CasallasGiselle CasallasOy oldin
  • I've been missing 👼 bout damn time he showed back up!

    Jonathon MorrellJonathon MorrellOy oldin
  • I’m Older Than Angel.?!!? Damn.. Still Want Him Though, We’re Both Legal.. 😂😝..

    emokitty48emokitty48Oy oldin
  • my sister's birthday is the same as angle's

    Rylei JohnsonRylei JohnsonOy oldin
  • I’m so scared for Angels hair!

    Brooke Rangel-LegrisBrooke Rangel-LegrisOy oldin
  • I. Was laughing. Sooooooooooooo. Much😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Trinity’s VlogsTrinity’s VlogsOy oldin
  • #BrandMondo

    Carol Ixchel Hernández GonzálezCarol Ixchel Hernández GonzálezOy oldin
  • I watched this while dying my hair and ended up stabbing my self in the side of the head from laughing so not recommended 😂😂

    Aubrey N.Aubrey N.Oy oldin
  • “Nasty Hair-Deduct Two Points!”

    Home Baby LivingHome Baby LivingOy oldin
  • Hi I know you probably won’t see this but my birthday is on November 8 and I was wondering f you could maybe give me a shout out (on the off chance you do see this my channel is spelt tah-ma-dah-chie A-I)

    Dark NoodleDark NoodleOy oldin
  • *rubs elbow against your head* eLbOw gReAse

    Natalie MartinNatalie MartinOy oldin
  • Oh hey my names Angel and my birthday was on the thirteenth of October

    Stranger_Things_AngelStranger_Things_AngelOy oldin
  • Love this so much. Brandon and Angel videos are my favorite...after Brandon and Autumn videos.

    tresa shumardtresa shumardOy oldin
  • I have the same bday as him!!

    MzxMzxOy oldin
  • I died at "balding on the field"😂😂😂

    mamarissamamarissaOy oldin
  • It may not of been his B-day but it was mine :> I’m 4 days late ;-;

    Barry BobaシBarry BobaシOy oldin
  • im watching this video as im dyeing my hair

    Pippin FairePippin FaireOy oldin
  • 4:20 Honestly, he's rockin it!

    Whats-My-FandomWhats-My-FandomOy oldin
  • Ready to dye................. Ur hair 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    •scotty sire fan••scotty sire fan•Oy oldin
  • You should do Google translate chicken enchiladas. They are good.

    Andrew SheppardAndrew SheppardOy oldin
  • As a hair stylist this hurts me!! Funny though!

    Gemma ElliottGemma ElliottOy oldin
  • Why was I expecting it to pop out and be amazing. I've watched this channel for long enough to know better than that😂😂

    Bella E.Bella E.Oy oldin
  • Brad mondo should react to this

    Amanda RepetskyAmanda RepetskyOy oldin
  • That actually doesn't look too bad

  • @Bradmondo 🤣

    Sarah SloanSarah SloanOy oldin
  • not supposed to put colour in bleach you bleach then wash of then add colour

    Kaaz96.Jinxed GamingKaaz96.Jinxed GamingOy oldin
  • I love how everyone Brandon hangs with there personality is just like hes😂it’s perfect

    Prettyface TayaPrettyface TayaOy oldin
  • OOHOOF. His hair looks like one of those furry tent caterpillars.

    Shokora-ChanShokora-ChanOy oldin
  • Did he say fucking

    Isabelle PogueIsabelle PogueOy oldin
  • As someone who aspires to do hair as a job in their future, this video was especially hard to watch 😂💀

    BunBunBitchBunBunBitchOy oldin
  • I have the same birthday as Angel

    HannahHannahOy oldin
  • Aye, papi chulo is my age.

    Teresa VasquezTeresa VasquezOy oldin
  • my bday is march 21st

    Xeniya MillerXeniya MillerOy oldin
  • "BaLDiNG oN tHe FiELd" -Brandon Farris 2020

    Your Local HiddlestonerYour Local HiddlestonerOy oldin
  • Brandon is kind of like a guy who has been in quarantine his whole life 😂❤️

    Jessica KnightJessica KnightOy oldin
  • imagine being on brandons fyp

    Polina Ilin 🍩Polina Ilin 🍩Oy oldin
  • Watching this = big ball of nervous

    Anisha AndrewsAnisha AndrewsOy oldin
  • I missed y'all together! 💜🇲🇽

    Erika.DominguezErika.DominguezOy oldin
  • *Brad Mondo want's to know your location*

    Hanna Hurtado - aka AmargxHanna Hurtado - aka AmargxOy oldin
  • Ummmmm, no.

    Linda KellyLinda KellyOy oldin
  • The start of this I thought a guinea 🐖 was dying 😂

    Nicole FletcherNicole FletcherOy oldin
  • You scoop 😂😂

    Kayle WasdykeKayle WasdykeOy oldin
  • March 22nd is my mom’s birthday 😊

    Kateri RoseKateri RoseOy oldin
  • How to end on a true cliffhanger : *WOW that’s a CLUMP*

    BigMloveskairiBigMloveskairiOy oldin
  • Race you for the controller, omg did angel just fall😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Jordan’s Short VlogsJordan’s Short VlogsOy oldin
  • Deduct 2 points, nasty hair, but from the referee Brandon Farris. Well his friend is a trooper for letting him do this tho😂😂😂

    Jordan’s Short VlogsJordan’s Short VlogsOy oldin
  • the colour has been there for too much😑

    Maryam GholinasabMaryam GholinasabOy oldin
  • Wait I'm older than Angel.. Brandon how old are you?

    Samantha PeckSamantha PeckOy oldin