21-Okt, 2020
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Slightly frightened..

  • “Did you hear that goose?” 😂

    Jovie VaisvilasJovie Vaisvilas16 soat oldin
  • Oh...my...goodness. The Witch Who Lives Down the Hall was one of my most favorite books as a kid!

    Tracy HallTracy Hall17 soat oldin
  • when the spider scared him and the spider screamed!! brandon; AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH im dead

    [ Mochii- mallow][ Mochii- mallow]5 kun oldin
  • And this video is why there needs to be more openings on UZworld.

    Matt BergMatt Berg6 kun oldin
  • Poor lamp what did do to anyone ;-;

    Lxuser173 Kate’sLxuser173 Kate’s6 kun oldin
  • I have all the first edition pokèmon cards, and I wanna sell them 👉👈

    Paranormal Things._.Paranormal Things._.7 kun oldin
  • Oh*

    Maddy OwenMaddy Owen7 kun oldin
  • Think if Brandon had to go into a room full of spiders my only thought would be, or jear desus.

    Maddy OwenMaddy Owen7 kun oldin
  • Brandon: let me take only one bite Also Brandon : takes five bites Again also Brandon: that was the best one bite ever

    Bonnie TrumpBonnie Trump7 kun oldin
  • My siblings think he’s hilarious

    Anna MeAnna Me7 kun oldin
  • He seriously is the funniest guy ever

    Anna MeAnna Me7 kun oldin
  • Was anyone else staring at the skittles in the top right corner??

    Ariana A.Ariana A.9 kun oldin
  • My parents have a 30-year-old spider Halloween decoration that makes the exact same sound as the one you just got. A couple of years ago, their neighbours woke up on November 1st to one of their 4 parrots mimicking that spider. Our Halloweens are pretty windy up here, so the spider had been going all evening, enough for the parrot to pick up on the sound. According to their neighbours, it was mimicking the spider for more than a week haha.

    TheCrayonMasterTheCrayonMaster10 kun oldin
  • Lol

    Ryans artRyans art13 kun oldin
  • why did i think he was jesus

    Peyton PhillipsPeyton Phillips14 kun oldin
  • “You got Mariah Carey vocals.” 😂 lol

    Puppy dog lover 851Puppy dog lover 85116 kun oldin
  • That is not a SK outer that is a bike!! Also me and my brother love you chanale you are so funny.

    lily kittylily kitty16 kun oldin
  • Brandon what about the box of the week?🥺

    Vanessa IengoVanessa Iengo22 kun oldin
  • Me at the beginning: Moses is that you?!

    Stormcloud 215Stormcloud 21523 kun oldin
  • If I believe in spirit animals you would be mine.

    Hands and Feet Street MinistryHands and Feet Street Ministry24 kun oldin
  • Did no one see the lamp flicker on ???

    Sunny JewellSunny Jewell25 kun oldin
  • Brandon: this is from the Hortons Also Brandon: WHO

    Rachael GiordanoRachael Giordano28 kun oldin
  • So nobody is talking about how that light was turning off n on, On 1:17

  • akon

    Top TeamTop Team28 kun oldin
  • Hello, Wizard B. Farris. How are you doing? Will you be teaching at Hogwarts? I feel as though you will make a rather good professor.

    EriEri29 kun oldin
  • Was it just me or did the light behind him go on when he said "the next gift will be" 😂he really is a wizard

    Brigette HaarhoffBrigette Haarhoff29 kun oldin
  • Haha * u got Maria Cary vocals*😂😂

    Avakin ChickenツAvakin Chickenツ29 kun oldin
  • What's that snowglobe called??

    Anjelica MercadoAnjelica MercadoOy oldin
  • “You’ve got Maria Carrie vocals” Me: dying😂

    Cadence EpperleyCadence EpperleyOy oldin
  • Ya still doing openings. These are some of my favorite videos. :)

    Treasure PomeraniansTreasure PomeraniansOy oldin
  • The first vid i seen was pickle problem

    White Family CircusWhite Family CircusOy oldin
  • Wtf is this for? But guy did make me laugh so I don't know what to think about this

    somuch somuchsomuch somuchOy oldin
  • That lamp is gonna need therapy for the trauma

    Luca HamelLuca HamelOy oldin
  • I have a couple boxes full of pokemon cards my brother collected when we were younger. Ones he went to Japan and got himself and ones with flaws. He was a hard-core collector and I know they are worth money but I don't know what to do with them.

    Manda L.Manda L.Oy oldin
  • ok but was i the only one who got very excited when the lamp went off in the back

    Destinee FrancoDestinee FrancoOy oldin
  • "You've got Mariah Carey vocals".

    Katherine N.Katherine N.Oy oldin
  • I just played Lotto and used 9 12 16 22 14 & 36. I won 100 million dollars. Dude you rock!

    PowerOf OnePowerOf OneOy oldin
  • So any one gonna talk about how at 1:19 when he was talking to the ball the lamp was flickering like we on some stranger things vibes

    Hunter KreebHunter KreebOy oldin
  • Brandon please let me trade pokemon cards with you 🥺

    Sunny _WafflezSunny _WafflezOy oldin
  • Daily Dose of Brandon

    Allyk CookAllyk CookOy oldin
  • Here is some facts never ever drink anything y’all watching him 😃😃👍👌

    Stephanie ValdezStephanie ValdezOy oldin
  • Hello

    Stephanie ValdezStephanie ValdezOy oldin
  • Imagine if Sabrina actually played those numbers and won the lottery😱😂😂

    Devi RamcallianDevi RamcallianOy oldin
  • Brandon! Put the squeaky chicken in water and squeak it! It’s so good!!

    Spikey boiSpikey boiOy oldin
  • Bruhhhhhh

    M SM SOy oldin
  • How does that lamp even still work? 😂😂 he slaps it to the ground every video 😂

    •Random Alien••Random Alien•Oy oldin
  • chicken: ahhhhhh brandon: AhAhhhAAhhH chicken:ahhh brandon:you got maria careie vokuls 4:42

    Tammie HudsonTammie HudsonOy oldin
  • "Staff" infection! I get it now 🤣🤣🤣

    spiffy216spiffy216Oy oldin
  • I need a halographic venasaur haha

    Laura CollinsLaura CollinsOy oldin
  • “With Autumn’s mouth to my ear” 🤣🤣🤣

    Melinda AdkinsMelinda AdkinsOy oldin
  • That lamp gets abused more times than points are made😂😂😂 I love what you're doing man you make me laugh all the time

    Danny B.Danny B.Oy oldin
  • I'm so worried our package never made it to you D: amazon delivered it but now I don't know.

    Sara KemperSara KemperOy oldin
  • Just one bite...

    PandaLover64PandaLover64Oy oldin
  • Can u please donate to National Autistic Society my nephew is autistic and I donate for Christmas 🎄

    Crazy Catalyst!Crazy Catalyst!Oy oldin
  • It is me the 1000th comment. Bow

    Carlouse RodruigezCarlouse RodruigezOy oldin
  • Did was made in my birthday 😊

    saray velasaray velaOy oldin
  • Woah a double beard... but what does it mean?!?

    Niesha WizeowllNiesha WizeowllOy oldin
  • Please please please who is Kelly?

    Rishita Singh KauravRishita Singh KauravOy oldin
  • Your funny brandon

    Jessica MarionJessica MarionOy oldin
  • Why did he sound so sad when he said “who is dis😭🥺”

    Brianna BishopriggsBrianna BishopriggsOy oldin
  • keep painting!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sarah OlneySarah OlneyOy oldin
  • I randomly found this guy like a week ago and I'm mostly just confused

    Savannah WSavannah WOy oldin
  • am I the only one getting Count Olaf (from Series of Unfortunate Events) vibe here? XD Brandon's exaggerated gasp with the chicken had my crying a second ago haha EDIT: I'm back to crying when he tried to harmonize the singing creepy spider with the chicken lmao

    Jules VoshevaJules VoshevaOy oldin
  • I want Poofesure, Daz Games, and Brandon to meet 😂

    SugaSugaOy oldin
  • He deserves more then 2 million subscribers

    Macee MoutsopoulosMacee MoutsopoulosOy oldin
  • Did anyone else see that lamp in the floor turn on when he puts his hand in top of the magic ball 😳🤚🏼...... he had real MAGIC

    Andy EditashovelAndy EditashovelOy oldin
  • Dumbledore!?!?! O-o

    -XxTurkey_ llamaxX--XxTurkey_ llamaxX-Oy oldin
  • Me: hey Brandon what are you being for Halloween Brandon: EVERYTHING

    DrayWulfDrayWulfOy oldin
  • I have so many cards! Even some rares

    Kuskiko16Kuskiko16Oy oldin
  • "One bite"... Seems legit.

    Tessia NeedhamTessia NeedhamOy oldin
  • Hit me up and of can have al of my cards

    Becca utlyeBecca utlyeOy oldin
  • I appreciate that he said he'd send back a card if it was expensive.

    Ryan HackworthRyan HackworthOy oldin
  • "I hope I don't get a staff infection"... fuking gold. Now that's some good humor.

    Ryan HackworthRyan HackworthOy oldin
  • How many lamps or light bulbs does he go through

    madeline breermadeline breerOy oldin
  • What happened to your cat!?

    muah moimuah moiOy oldin
  • “Your a wizard Harry” Wait that don’t sound right “Your a wizard Brandon” There we go

    spooky dawgspooky dawgOy oldin
  • I am still waiting for him to open mine that I sent. I am so excited.

    Vixey WitchVixey WitchOy oldin
  • @0:18 "I hope I don't get a staph infection." I laughed at that. 😂😂

    cannibalbananascannibalbananasOy oldin
  • Is his po box closed?

    winter _ 363winter _ 363Oy oldin
  • Hey have you used my spide- Never mind I’ll just buy another one never mind I’ll just buy another one:)

    Bøbã _łēmøñBøbã _łēmøñOy oldin
  • Did u know that red heads dont go gray

    sprinkles 123sprinkles 123Oy oldin
  • 1:17 is the light supposed to blink like that or is there a ghost-

    Denki Kaminari -• •-Denki Kaminari -• •-Oy oldin
  • Now I know who to send my pokemon cards, and pokedex the original one.

    Simple SimplySimple SimplyOy oldin
  • Brandon! Your old enough to be my son, you really make my daughter and I laugh so I think I'm going to adopt you! 🤣🤣

    Dean NichollsDean NichollsOy oldin
  • Brandon's lamp has gone through so many things

    Papi ToothpastePapi ToothpasteOy oldin
  • Heaphy?

    Candyce RyneeCandyce RyneeOy oldin
  • I'm going to guess you have used 276 batteries 🤣

    augestina shawaugestina shawOy oldin
  • You are so funny! Love the videos!! Please please please do a Bob Ross cosplay while you paint a beautiful painting!!!!

    ThisB424 :PThisB424 :POy oldin
  • Fromis 17 seconds and then the video and he's dressed up in the wizard costume with a wizard voice and then all I hear is AWW

    Breanna SherrillBreanna SherrillOy oldin
  • Me : seeing the title of this video and seeing the picture The title: I'm not afraid Me: I am afraid

    Breanna SherrillBreanna SherrillOy oldin
  • when the spider made a noise it looked like he was getting electricuted

    ally nelally nelOy oldin
  • I got a gx and ex too

    Alayna SpinaAlayna SpinaOy oldin
  • I want to trade pokemon

    Alayna SpinaAlayna SpinaOy oldin
  • I am still surprised that the light is still working (kinda)

    Clo CloClo CloOy oldin
  • "I may be old, but baby got back... that's a different thing." Brandon Farris 2020

    Sarah VanceSarah VanceOy oldin
  • Brandon..... the fish that was in my fridge was actually bad. HES AN ACTUAL WIZARD

    Nya GachNya GachOy oldin
  • Brandon: "sometimes I laugh at my self"

    cassandra jefferycassandra jefferyOy oldin
  • “Tuberculosis!” 🤣🤣🤣

    Emma DuvallEmma DuvallOy oldin
  • I still want one of your paintings!!!!

    Zarah JadeZarah JadeOy oldin
  • Please paint again! 🙏🙏🙏

    Ellen RomanEllen RomanOy oldin