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  • Shave your beard off

    Cow CowCow Cow2 kun oldin
  • Are we sure the man with the beard plucking thing not Brandon? They kinda similar

    Harry’s CroissantHarry’s Croissant3 kun oldin
  • when brandon was talking then turned his head i wasnt listening to anything that he said and stared at his wig with the "ponytail"

    xlørky on topxlørky on top4 kun oldin
  • it's a anxiety disorder called trichotillomania. my youngest daughter has it.

    carissacampbell21carissacampbell214 kun oldin
  • *laughs in Trichotillomania*

    bbmriebbmrie5 kun oldin
  • Omg I love your videos my mind can never process why these are so funny to me but they are

    darko magicodarko magico6 kun oldin
  • What does your tattoo say ?

    Clumsy Mumsy2Clumsy Mumsy27 kun oldin
  • Why are you Olive Oyl?

    Flea ChristensonFlea Christenson7 kun oldin
  • Now he has to buy more chex mix :( THANKS ALOT PLUCKY (nickname for the beard plucking guy)

    Audie's Cozy CornerAudie's Cozy Corner7 kun oldin
  • And as a token of gratitude the wind took those hairs and blew then directly in my window (breaths out)enjoy...🤣🤣🤣

    Avakin ChickenツAvakin Chickenツ7 kun oldin
  • I can only think of Pam from the office.

    Jerilyn FischerJerilyn Fischer7 kun oldin
  • Omg omg I did not see the whole wig 1:13

    Mari MOOMari MOO8 kun oldin
  • I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Laura HovorkaLaura Hovorka11 kun oldin
  • Ok is it just me or do you think “technically yes his girlfriend does buy him that stuff BUT, I think he tells her to buy it so he can say that he didn’t want it, his girlfriend just got it for him” 🤷🏼‍♀️hmmm

    Brooke SBrooke S11 kun oldin
    • Because he always says “ My girlfriend bought this for me.”

      Brooke SBrooke S11 kun oldin
  • In all seriousness the guy who was plucking out his hair may have trichotillomania .

    JuliaJulia13 kun oldin
  • aRe yOu wEaRiNg fOuNdAtiOn?

    Cleo GilmoreCleo Gilmore13 kun oldin
  • well ok

    Auna MillerAuna Miller15 kun oldin
  • This is pretty discouraging from someone with such a following like yourself. Hair pulling, otherwise known as Trichotillomania, is a common disorder that affects up to 5% of the population - and probably more - in very negative ways. Why would you choose to disparage anyone with a mental health condition in this way? If you, or anyone you know has body-focused repetitive behaviors or BFRBs, please visit bfrb.org to learn more about the condition and how you can manage it and get help. Super disappointing, Brandon.

    Amy CurcioAmy Curcio17 kun oldin
  • I know you made this video jokingly but that man had trichotillomania. Its a serious mental health condition that alot of people dont understand. Most of the time when someone is performing those action on pulling out ones hair, eyelashes, facial and or pubic hair they feel satisfaction from the pain. Everybody deals with things differently.

    Lea BenyoLea Benyo18 kun oldin
  • Omg haha

    Petunia DavisPetunia Davis18 kun oldin
  • 😂😂

    Kasey MKasey M23 kun oldin
  • Can u plssssssddddss post more

    julissa sicklejulissa sickle26 kun oldin
  • Does anyone know what the tattoo on his collar bone says? I can't make out what it says

    Baylee WinklerBaylee Winkler28 kun oldin
  • Thank you

    ØSleeping- SlugØØSleeping- SlugØ29 kun oldin
  • The aaaa got me 😅

    Lori DLori DOy oldin
  • 1:28

    Reagan LewisReagan LewisOy oldin
  • like others said, it's called trichotillomania. I've actually have this, it's better now but i had episodes of pulling my hair for like 3 hours straight, doing only this. it got so bad that i had less than half hair on my head and I had to shave my head :/

    Angelika BukalskaAngelika BukalskaOy oldin
  • I’m so happy I came across this dude 😭

    Isaiah FraustoIsaiah FraustoOy oldin
  • What is your tattoo of?

    Katie GaitherKatie GaitherOy oldin
  • What does the tattoo say on his chest

    Hailey LasherHailey LasherOy oldin
  • F in the chat for Brandon’s chess mix

    Hisokas_left_nutHisokas_left_nutOy oldin
  • Ok I have to ask. Brandon do you wax and fill in your eye brows? And do you wear foundation?

    Mrs. MMrs. MOy oldin
  • Olive oil with a beard..... I always wondered that

    Cody KoCody KoOy oldin
  • What does your tattoo say? ( Random, I know )

    Bobbie KellerBobbie KellerOy oldin
  • if he was looking in the mirror he was most liking plucking grey hairs cuz my dad does that XD

    Just A LemonJust A LemonOy oldin
  • Thank you sir I needed that laugh this morning

    Jody LedlowJody LedlowOy oldin
  • wait, was he pulling from the actual beard... or like shaping them? like we pluck our eyebrows? because... one makes sense and the other is absolutely baffling

    Sarah OlneySarah OlneyOy oldin
    • He had something called Trichotillomania. You can look it up.

      Meg CMeg C13 kun oldin
  • 💜💜💜💜💜 Mel was here 💜💜💜💜💜

    Melissa Liversage The FamMelissa Liversage The FamOy oldin

    Jamie HillingJamie HillingOy oldin
  • What does your tattoo say?

    Kuskiko16Kuskiko16Oy oldin
  • This sounds like a disorder called Trichotillomania. It's an anxiety disorder that causes someone to have urges to pull out there hair, this can be eyelashes, eye brows, head hair, etc.

    DabiDabiOy oldin
    • The term is actually trichotillomania.

      Meg CMeg C13 kun oldin

    Wow BowWow BowOy oldin
  • ewww beard hair in ur car selfish man

    Serena SantillanSerena SantillanOy oldin
  • you have 2.34M subs

    Lexi TurnerLexi TurnerOy oldin
  • Funny 😄

    Leah DLeah DOy oldin
  • Brandon do u were makeup???? Like for real

    Wêēb??? ;-;Wêēb??? ;-;Oy oldin
  • Aw maybe he has trichotillomania! 🙁

    ARagTagHooliganARagTagHooliganOy oldin
  • "I was just hair-assed.. by a man.. with a beard." 😲 Gross that it flew into your window... 🤢

    picknbeansmammapicknbeansmammaOy oldin
  • Sounds like Trichotillomania. I have a pretty severe case of it and have pulled my head hair since I was about 7. It sucks.

    Sarah PoyckSarah PoyckOy oldin
  • why are there tic tacs so small like i have a pack in my hand and its 10x bigger

    Aine GavinAine GavinOy oldin
  • why are there tic tacs so small

    Aine GavinAine GavinOy oldin
  • “i was just hair.....assed” i laughed at this for too long to the point where im STILL catching my breath🤣🤣

    Jayla CarringtonJayla CarringtonOy oldin
  • I know I'm late to the party, but what's his collarbone tattoo say?

    Dutchess Of SaltDutchess Of SaltOy oldin
  • Trichotillomania. It’s an anxiety disorder that i too suffer from. Currently have no lashes on my right eye. I get satisfaction from examining the hair which is why i pile them up. It’s really hard to control.

    Quinterria MayQuinterria MayOy oldin
  • What does his tattoo say?

    PinkiethePandaPinkiethePandaOy oldin

    Lauren ShawLauren ShawOy oldin
  • I don't know who this guy is. I don't know why this was recommended to me. but I like.

    Poetically TwistedPoetically TwistedOy oldin
  • 2020 October 22 . . . Trichotillomania is an OCD medical condition by which a person has an irresistible urge to pull out body hair.

    DebUSADebUSAOy oldin
  • Weird question.talking about beards at 1:00 do you get food in there?lol

    XxCherry StarxXXxCherry StarxXOy oldin
  • i watched this twice.

    Ella RushingElla RushingOy oldin
  • I'd still eat it.

    Denki Kaminari -• •-Denki Kaminari -• •-Oy oldin
  • Brandon needs a hair cut. It's wild!

    Sara DrottSara DrottOy oldin
  • its called trichotillomania, i have it. its the urge to pull your own hair, it doesnt hurt us, we cant even feel it.

    okayyyokayyyOy oldin
  • Not gonna lie I read the title as I saw someone rip of the hands

    Centaur 265Centaur 265Oy oldin
  • Where’s your pumpkin and and juice in the toilet

    Tristen JonesTristen JonesOy oldin
  • He has trichotillomania.. i have it. It's a anxiety disorder that makes your pick at your skin or pull your hair. My husband also has it. Mine is from childhood trauma. But a lot of people just have it because of their anxiety and nothing els.

    MomLifeMomLifeOy oldin
  • 🤣 I cannot believe he actually pulled his beard out!🤣

    Bobbi TauntonBobbi TauntonOy oldin
  • Thanks Brandon I was really wondering if you harassed your self

    Lindsay MettenLindsay MettenOy oldin
  • I know you think you’re being funny, but trichotillomania is a legitimate form of OCD. It affects tens of thousands of people and most people who have it (hi, hello!) have been bullied, harassed, and made to feel like trash about it. Newsflash: you are now part of the problem. Basically what you’re doing is making fun of people for a medical condition they have no control over. You must feel so brave 🙄 Given that you’re now making money off of this video, (which, congratulations, thousands of people, including kids with trich have seen) I recommend you drop by BFRB.org, learn a little more, and make a donation to help find a cure.

    Diana GrayDiana GrayOy oldin
  • Nobody: The ad: *HEAD N SHOULDERS*

    Thomas JeffersonThomas JeffersonOy oldin
  • Their is a mental illness that is plucking hairs such as eyebrows eyelashes and many mom

    Aesthetic IdiotAesthetic IdiotOy oldin
  • Judging people for a condition when you think you're funny and look like that...... 🤔

    orkcolorkcolOy oldin
  • Dress up as Kelly for a day

    LexileaaLexileaaOy oldin
  • Brandon : makes a joke video Comments : mAyBe He HaS tRiChOtIlLoMaNiA BRUH WE GOT IT FROM THE FIRST COMMENTS YOU CAN STOP NOW

    JeremackJeremackOy oldin
  • I herd it

    HayImWolfHayImWolfOy oldin
  • My step son did that when he was younger. It’s called trichotillomania.. Thank God he stopped doing it. Idk if he just stopped or the meds helped but either way 🙏🏻

    Dalelena MarieDalelena MarieOy oldin
  • I lost it when he turned his head and I saw the rest of his wig 😂😂😂

    A GildertA GildertOy oldin
  • R.I.P. Brandon's Chex Mix

    Veronika YerinaVeronika YerinaOy oldin
  • I watched this video and afterwards I looked up and saw a single hair do some forest gump feather stuff the land on my phone...poetic.

    John VilelaJohn VilelaOy oldin
  • Does anyone know what his tattoo says?

    Alecia GageAlecia GageOy oldin
  • I am dying with that black hairstyle 😂

    Emma DownsEmma DownsOy oldin
  • I thoughy that was a pirate costume til you turned your head! Olive oil!

    Queen FluffyButtQueen FluffyButtOy oldin
  • I do this and I so wish I could stop :(( Sometimes I do it so much that my arms hurt from lifting them over my head I try really hard not to do it in public, and if I do it's... discreet? On behalf of my undiagnosed anxiety disorder, I apologize

    It's Me EchoIt's Me EchoOy oldin
  • Lol 😂

    Lissa BlasdellLissa BlasdellOy oldin
  • hairstylists be like... 0:12

    Breann HillBreann HillOy oldin
  • As someone with trichotillomania, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has shared about trichotillomania and spoken up to bring awareness to this condition. It's not an easy thing to do. I want everyone who sees this who has trich to know that you are not alone, and that Trichotillomania does not make you gross or weird. It doesn't define who you are, and we will defeat the stigma together. I just want to ask all fellow trichsters join me in downvoting this video and hateful comments, and unsubscribing from this channel. If enough of us do it maybe he will realize his mistake and either take down the video or somehow apologize. I know he didn't mean this to hurt people, but it is very harmful and I believe that if he cares about people, he would want to do something to make it right.

    Meg CMeg COy oldin
  • How do you make your skin look so flawless. Mad jelly vibes

    Monique de RoodeMonique de RoodeOy oldin
  • My boyfriend plucks his beard hairs. He has minor trichotillomania. He doesn't pile them up though; that's a bit odd.

    Lydi@Lydi@Oy oldin
  • I am sending my prayers to you we need to stop people from being Hairassed 🙏🙏🙏😔😢😭

    Karen4Life LolKaren4Life LolOy oldin
  • The wig on top of his head, I can’t it’s just sitting on his head, when he turned it like reminded me of the umpa loompah with Johnny depp😂😂😂😂😩😩😭

    Jordan’s Short VlogsJordan’s Short VlogsOy oldin
  • Brandon is one of those people who always has so much to talk about, it’s concerning *I* am the lesbian and *I* get to choose which men are interesting

    danganronpa•exe has stopped workingdanganronpa•exe has stopped workingOy oldin
  • When you realise its a ponytail 1:35

    Yoongi's HobiYoongi's HobiOy oldin
  • What in the world are u weaing

    Kylie WamblesKylie WamblesOy oldin
  • How have you not tried sculpting yet

    Improperly Labeled LoserImproperly Labeled LoserOy oldin
  • I pluck my beard hairs when they are just being really itchy

    Adam SharpAdam SharpOy oldin
  • Who is he dressed up as?

    Mandi DeckerMandi DeckerOy oldin
  • That is a scarily good costume

    xxPenjoxxxxPenjoxxOy oldin
  • If you're suffering from Trichotillomania, you don't have to go through this alone. Check out nomorehairpulling.com - we're a support community for people with Trichotillomania, and as a member you get access to a bunch of great resources that can help you reduce pulling (including hypnosis for hair pulling (audios), EFT tapping techniques for hair pulling (videos), hair pulling tracking template (Excel / Google Sheets), Breathwork techniques for hair pulling (videos), and more being added in the near future. Big hugs xx

    No More Hair PullingNo More Hair PullingOy oldin
  • For anyone reading this who has Trichotillomania - DO NOT BE ASHAMED, IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT. Don't let videos like this get you down. Ah Brandon, you're a funny guy but please don't make fun of people with Trichotillomania. It's an actual medical condition that usually starts in late childhood / early teens, and causes very strong hair pulling urges where the root of specific hairs often feel inflamed. It affects around 2% of the population but most people don't know how common it is as there's so much secrecy and shame around it. It's a pretty distressing condition for people who have it. If you're suffering from Trichotillomania, you don't have to go through this alone. Check out nomorehairpulling.com - we're a support community for people with Trichotillomania, and as a member you get access to a bunch of great resources that can help you reduce pulling (including hypnosis for hair pulling (audios), EFT tapping techniques for hair pulling (videos), hair pulling tracking template (Excel / Google Sheets), Breathwork techniques for hair pulling (videos), and more being added in the near future.

    No More Hair PullingNo More Hair PullingOy oldin
    • Thank you for this very good comment! Watching this video and reading the comments was really distressing for me, because I have sever trichotillomania, and because of it, I am the only person on campus who has to wear a headcovering every single day. I have to completely tuck my hair into my headscarf and it causes me a lot of shame and the urges hurt like hell. so thanks for putting good information on here. I wish there was a way to contact brandon though. This video is really harmful to the stigma and shame already associated with trich.

      Meg CMeg COy oldin
  • If 2020, 1000 years later was remembered by a saying. This would be flippin it.

    Humble_noobHumble_noobOy oldin