11-Okt, 2020
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I have a pretty impressive vertical when I'm scared..

  • You had a dream that actually happend to my grandma she was sleeping well trying and a face went through the ceiling😅😅😅😅

    ava yeet yeetava yeet yeet12 soat oldin
  • The 101 people who disliked were laughing so hard they accidentally pressed dislike

    Ghosty_toasty:3Ghosty_toasty:3Kun oldin
  • I love these types of costumes

    soreen loafsoreen loaf3 kun oldin

    CallOfPundy1192CallOfPundy11925 kun oldin
  • im wondering who is in the alien costume i would love it to be me but im to short ;-;

    Mary AnthonyMary Anthony7 kun oldin
  • That reminds me one time I had a dream that I was a handsome guy who married a beautiful woman but that beautiful woman was me so technically I married myself. 😶

    That weird PotatoThat weird Potato8 kun oldin
  • An answer to your couch question. Lots of blankets, cover the couch in blankets, cover yourself in blankets. Just all the blankets

    Toasty GarbageToasty Garbage8 kun oldin
  • Every teen girl be like 0:11-018

    Chloe AntonmarchiChloe Antonmarchi11 kun oldin
  • It has 2 eyes but?

    Lyn FullerLyn Fuller11 kun oldin
  • dyslexia kicked in so much trying to listen to this and understand

    lily christiansonlily christianson14 kun oldin
  • I once had a dream inside of a dream inside of a dream inside of a dream

    Nicholas BoiterNicholas Boiter17 kun oldin
  • He was way to good at acting with that costume

    Norm The TurtleNorm The Turtle17 kun oldin
  • This dream reminds me of pregnancy dreams 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Lizey WilliamsLizey Williams19 kun oldin
  • I swear i have watched the beginning like 100 times 😂😂 my son (who is 2) keeps looking at the screen like 😕 which makes it so much better 😂😂

    Kelly KitchenKelly Kitchen20 kun oldin
  • That costume is fucking awesome!😂

    Blue MonsterBlue Monster21 kun oldin
  • Omg he asked the question at the end and a ad came on with someone typing into google search 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Bonita MolodstovBonita Molodstov21 kun oldin
  • Is it just an eye on the cell

    That_Horror_kid 9008That_Horror_kid 900821 kun oldin
  • these videos are so wierd and confusing but i love them

    TeddyTeddy23 kun oldin
  • I’m binge watching the channel right now.. not that it’s my first time doing so.. it’s just that I’m very confused right now lol

    Nox MorningstarNox Morningstar24 kun oldin
  • The last part.... Isnt he talking about a whip??

    Nurul IffahNurul Iffah27 kun oldin
  • I literally haven't really even started the video I was literally 3 seconds in and I bursted out laugh my head off🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Kayley SmithKayley Smith27 kun oldin
  • 😂 i like the intro *laughs and dies*

    Toxic ShadeToxic Shade27 kun oldin
  • Oh god he doesnt even know about the 5th dimensional beings

    pew pew manspew pew mans29 kun oldin
  • The First 20 seconds is the best. The look of his face when he is going into the closet. I cannot stop re-watching and laughing.

    TennaTheGingerTennaTheGinger29 kun oldin
  • Haha funny

    Michelle ForstMichelle Forst29 kun oldin
  • When he told us about the dream I thought of the water pokemon that looks like a star🤣🤣🤣

    lazar Corplazar CorpOy oldin
  • That was the Babadook

    Emily RiversEmily RiversOy oldin

    Madyson NickeyMadyson NickeyOy oldin
  • Is Autumn going trick or treating this year? Most parents aren't allowing their kids to go...due to COVID.

    Kamila WrightKamila WrightOy oldin
  • The monster broke through time and space, sheetrock, and whatever else ceilings are made of and peered through the looking glass of time at me... Running away😂😂😂😂😂

    Raevyn WintersRaevyn WintersOy oldin

  • So I just died within the first 20 seconds😂😭😭💀

    Jessica NelmsJessica NelmsOy oldin
  • This is my son's costume this year!!!

    Amber EvansAmber EvansOy oldin
  • It's a beholder

    Gage SlavskyGage SlavskyOy oldin
  • Maybe you where having a Night Terra I use to have them when I was younger but you can get them it all ages

    Tessa ScottTessa ScottOy oldin
  • He's sooo funny lol

    Becky HooverBecky HooverOy oldin
  • I fell asleep to this and it feels like I’m tripping trying to recall what I was hearing before I passed out so I’m gonna type what I think was said then see wtf’s up He was insisting about the ceiling eye like appearing to him like it opened up to him and a ceiling eye is not what you think it is cuz it’s uh - it’s a void it’s a whole abyss and his gf is gonna think he’s crazy or disown him or something because he spoke into it and- yeah was that right? Update: okay, not surprised that that was kind of close. It is Brandon

    Crazy SkyCrazy SkyOy oldin
  • blankets

    Catherine HopperCatherine HopperOy oldin
  • I love watching your videos

    babigurl Htownbabigurl HtownOy oldin
  • I had this costume last year and everyone where I lived loved it.

    Jayden-kun_ AnimatesJayden-kun_ AnimatesOy oldin
  • like inersteller

    AdEx ForceAdEx ForceOy oldin
  • You get funnier and funnier everyday😂

    Kenadee MintonKenadee MintonOy oldin
  • I have the same costume but kids size 😂

    It's Molly PorterIt's Molly PorterOy oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Sweeter LemonsSweeter LemonsOy oldin
  • ... WOW ...

    D. K.D. K.Oy oldin
  • I think I'm too stoned for this story...😳

    Sarah OlneySarah OlneyOy oldin
  • 0:16

    Rogue ImmortalsRogue ImmortalsOy oldin
  • ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    Stella HusbandStella HusbandOy oldin
  • This is the Halloween costume I have

    S WS WOy oldin
  • 😂 lmao

    T KensT KensOy oldin
  • I had a weird dream very similar to this, except it was a huge black and orange striped spider kinda thing looking at me through the bed/wall. I dunno how to describe it. I did not enjoy it.

    LostWyvernLostWyvernOy oldin
  • "I'm sorry I had to send this to you but now that you have opened it you can't stopped reading this. Hi my name is Teresa Fidlago I died 27 years. If you don't send this to 20 people I will sleep by your side forever. If you don't believe me search me up. Teresa Fidlago. So send this to 20 people. A girl ignored this and her mom died 20 days later. NO SEND BACKS!!!! #copied. Sorry I had to send this. Btw this is not fake search her up on google. Someone send me this and i had to do the same, i’m taking no risk of ignoring this message tell me why this keeps happening. another grandma read this and sent it to 20 people but the internet went of on 19. She was found cut into 5 pieces after 1 day. Make sure you send all 20".

    Hailey SherwoodHailey SherwoodOy oldin
  • I laughed so hard the entire time I have now made my kids angry because they heard me and woke up thinking I was crying...i was just for different reasons. We Love you Brandon hope you laid a blanket down on the leather first

    Makeup AddictMakeup AddictOy oldin
  • In order to sleep on a leather couch without ripping your skin off you take a fitted queen or king size sheet and put it atop the couch like a couch cover then you have soft comfy couch and if you get cold you can yank it off and wrap up in it like a cacoon!

    Cassandra JonesCassandra JonesOy oldin
  • Can he not have a conversation with Gloria? This seems like a really stupid thing for her to be mad about

    Shawn HornickShawn HornickOy oldin
    • I hear he’s a comedian

      Licia YoungLicia YoungOy oldin
  • Thank you Brandon for always being so stupid funny to make my days so much better😂😂

    Jasmyn EmilyJasmyn EmilyOy oldin
  • Hahahahahahha soo funny 😄

    Amanda IsabellaAmanda IsabellaOy oldin
  • is anyone else as confused on the concept of this video as me. no. no one. okay I must just be loosing it.... again.

    Rachel HobartRachel HobartOy oldin
  • Sounds like a episode from the twilight zone. 🤣

    Kaila LavenderKaila LavenderOy oldin
  • has Brandon had a mild stroke? haha

    west landscapingwest landscapingOy oldin
  • I need to buy that lamp. It can take a beating and keep on lighting!

    Kasandra BykowiczKasandra BykowiczOy oldin
  • Him:thee uh scurfuffle Me:scud-😭😭 (rewinds it 45 times)

    8K.KJSWAY8K.KJSWAYOy oldin
  • Are we gonna tell him that this was his Paralysis demon

    Evan BortnemEvan BortnemOy oldin
  • It sounds like you had a night terror tbh.

    Kaitlin McClungKaitlin McClungOy oldin
  • This is just to funny! 😅🤣

    Liviya FleckLiviya FleckOy oldin
  • Scurfuffle? Scerfuffle? Skerfuffle? However it’s spelled 10/10 good word

    Alex BunchAlex BunchOy oldin
  • Brandon: “it will always be fight” Also Brandon: *sees spider* Ahhhhhhh!!!!!

    Icybird709Icybird709Oy oldin
  • I don’t even know what he’s talking about...But I like it

    MimicMimicOy oldin
  • I have a feeling that the dream that he is talking about stands for him being afraid of himself

    Miranda OwoMiranda OwoOy oldin

    Sophia HoukSophia HoukOy oldin
  • 😂😂

    Tanja DurbinTanja DurbinOy oldin
  • omg hiiii I'm early^^ this is so funny btw🤣

    Among NoraAmong NoraOy oldin
  • The intro.. AMAZING

    livmushroo mlivmushroo mOy oldin
  • This man Brandon just made an anime

    Isaiah DominiqeIsaiah DominiqeOy oldin
  • This made me crack up so hard I choked on the popcorn I was eating 😂 ngl I wish I were able to see this in person

    X VX VOy oldin
  • He said ,”ima creep!” 😂

    misty owingsmisty owingsOy oldin
  • You're beautiful!

    Jasmine Mershon MJasmine Mershon MOy oldin
  • Time for a haircut I think!!

    Rachel SteeleRachel SteeleOy oldin
  • Shouldn't have eaten those late night mystery snacks... 🤦🤷😅 Also the first 20 seconds of this video would make anyone's day better. 🤣

    Ashley CopeAshley CopeOy oldin
  • Hi I know you probably won’t see this but my birthday is on November 8 and I was wondering f you could maybe give me a shout out (on the off chance you do see this my channel is spelt tah-ma-dah-chie A-I)

    Dark NoodleDark NoodleOy oldin
  • It’s the monster from the upside down in stranger things

    Cora JonesCora JonesOy oldin
  • Haha amazing start! 🤣🤣🤣

    * Cassiopeia ** Cassiopeia *Oy oldin
  • I got a pink drink Brandon fasriis

    Panda CrewPanda CrewOy oldin
  • me in class- *starts laughing* Teacher- why are you laughing? me- oh nothing my mind: *constantly replaying him getting through that door*

    Natalie MartinNatalie MartinOy oldin
  • I would absolutley watch a video with Brandon and this costume wresteling

    Nobody At allNobody At allOy oldin
  • This video make me remember to renjun. Kpopers any one here??

    Fadia GistinFadia GistinOy oldin
  • 𝔅ℜ𝔒

    Braydon RobertsonBraydon RobertsonOy oldin
  • Dieing laughing whole video ! Priceless !

    Janine BurtJanine BurtOy oldin
  • Have yall noticed his creepy crooked fingers? I mean they scare me. Lol

    Alexandra SladeAlexandra SladeOy oldin
  • The intro 😭

    8K.KJSWAY8K.KJSWAYOy oldin
  • "How many times have us been looking at you?"

    picknbeansmammapicknbeansmammaOy oldin
  • If u think about it maybe that was a Brandon sleeping after he encounter an eye in the roof woke up did all of that went to sleep dream about him being the eye looking at our Brandon which scared him and later went to sleep scaring another Brandon from another universe just saying it makes sense why he had that dream

    Flipper_ v13Flipper_ v13Oy oldin
  • l love this costume

    Ellie BeamEllie BeamOy oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Aswad FarukiAswad FarukiOy oldin
  • Just put down a sheet hun, that way she believes your fort excuses.

    Faith AaronsFaith AaronsOy oldin
  • He said "I didn't run away I built a fort for us you were just slow to get there" does anyone remember that video were he was talking about not being able to hold hands with his girlfriend while they walk because she's way too fast...cuz I do

    {Lady Laziness}{Lady Laziness}Oy oldin
  • I can't tell if this is a joke or a cry for help

    Roxie TwomeyRoxie TwomeyOy oldin
  • I put a blanket between me and the leather couch

    Katrina FreeKatrina FreeOy oldin
  • Time you let us all know that you have come out, Brandon. We all love you no matter what but its 'bout time you let it out man, we can all see from this side of the screen. You know of course that your fan base will sky rocket if you just say it. Ha ha.

    Kerry RossKerry RossOy oldin
  • I have nothing funny to say.

    Min SugaMin SugaOy oldin