26-Avg, 2020
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I definitely broke something..

  • Ketchup goes in the fridge by he way

    Russell BlakemoreRussell Blakemore9 soat oldin
  • “Kate hoskyns thank you so much uhhp yo have ketchup in your hair” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Kaylee LogsdonKaylee Logsdon11 soat oldin
  • i bet you when she ran out of the room she was going to look for the money under the toilet seat

    Annabel CampbellAnnabel Campbell18 soat oldin
  • Omg lol you should do a 5 min craft video with autume

    Sarah KingSarah King20 soat oldin
  • I want to see the fire place

    carly casecarly caseKun oldin
  • Brandon out of context: It’s coming out of other holes!? I didn’t put it in other holes-

    bb Ghxstbb GhxstKun oldin
  • "If it weighs a bunch that's how you know it's a good one!" **Picks up daughter** **Looks and shakes head slightly**

    Doges Are CuteDoges Are CuteKun oldin
  • Love the glass ball!! Reminds me of the David Bowie film The Labyrinth!!!! Best film ever!!

    Laura StewardsonLaura Stewardson2 kun oldin
  • Soo we aren't gonna talk about the cup hehre

    Emma SanchezEmma Sanchez2 kun oldin
  • You are the funniest person ever

    Hailey WarrenHailey Warren2 kun oldin
  • ........was that a nut cup?

    Artsypup YoungcreativityArtsypup Youngcreativity2 kun oldin
  • Nvm I don't wanna know.

    Midnights CornerMidnights Corner3 kun oldin
  • Me Open he fell through the floor

    Avery BukachAvery Bukach3 kun oldin
  • When I saw the cup I died 🤣

    Harry’s CroissantHarry’s Croissant3 kun oldin
  • I see why you like kids you act like one lmaooo

    Meka SchoenknechtMeka Schoenknecht3 kun oldin
  • “That’s when you know when a gift is good,it’s heavy” *sigh* MONEY

    Lyla CornellLyla Cornell4 kun oldin
  • Brandon is that your kid or did you grab her off the street

    Xbox gamerXbox gamer4 kun oldin
  • Autumn is a Beautiful CHILDDDDDDDDDDDD❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺 Edit: ExCuSe Me I’m SpEaKiNg I’m SaYiNg ThAnK yOu ExCuSe YoU Autumn->:O

    Pandatoca BocaPandatoca Boca4 kun oldin
  • The ending was hella creepy

    Chey WattsChey Watts4 kun oldin
  • Nope nope nope 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂now i am never going to forget this video it cuz it's going to be stuck in my head forever sooooo nope

    kelli carterkelli carter4 kun oldin
  • that first fire thing if fake i just saw :O

    b1 jamossb1 jamoss4 kun oldin
  • Brandon Daughter has more common sense

    Carter CappsCarter Capps4 kun oldin
  • Since she cant smell it can I.

    Sally GreenSally Green5 kun oldin
  • did anyone notice that half the whole time autumn was playing with his stuff

    Mermaid BivinsMermaid Bivins5 kun oldin
  • i dont likke the small girl

    Joanna StoreyJoanna Storey5 kun oldin
  • You are so funny

    Brynn DesrosiersBrynn Desrosiers5 kun oldin
  • Brandon: a cup nice.....I can drink my soup out of this... Autumn: CaN I sMeLl iT

    Charley playzCharley playz5 kun oldin
  • His thumbnails are all seconds before disaster

    • Qxncii •• Qxncii •6 kun oldin
  • Adoro

    Jackson LamaJackson Lama6 kun oldin
  • You’ve got ketchup in ur hair!

    Laura LusterLaura Luster6 kun oldin
  • Great duo... need to see more videos of them... it's great to see him with someone with the same attention span as him... super adorable...

    SixOneSixZEROSixOneSixZERO6 kun oldin
  • no one: not even me: brandon: "is that just A and H continuously?"

    Indi Rose GormanIndi Rose Gorman6 kun oldin
  • i thought the tittle said someone sent me a poo on a stick

    lottie featonbylottie featonby6 kun oldin
  • 1:58 watch Autumn

    •Minty-Chan••Minty-Chan•6 kun oldin
  • Now I wanna send you 30 pounds of relish

    MvuyMvuy6 kun oldin
  • This was the day after my birthday wow!

    Allison BundAllison Bund6 kun oldin
  • Oh Jear Desus

    EstrellaEstrella6 kun oldin
  • Daughter: doesn’t want to eat the lolly pop Brandon: I will Daughter: watches pimple popping shows

    Eleanor Green-keatingEleanor Green-keating7 kun oldin
  • “It will not go in the cup collection and no do not touch it “ 😂

    •* Wet Cookies *••* Wet Cookies *•7 kun oldin
  • The ball is like the one from Laborite

    Eleanor Green-keatingEleanor Green-keating7 kun oldin
  • You can buy roomba covers

    Audrey MillerAudrey Miller7 kun oldin
  • My life is nothing to me with out your videos

    hallee's worldhallee's world7 kun oldin
  • Omg I love you you are so funny I am literally crying because of latter ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Titkok_dances _Titkok_dances _7 kun oldin
  • Look at his right shoLder

    Tiktok LolTiktok Lol8 kun oldin
  • Go to 5:05

    Tiktok LolTiktok Lol8 kun oldin
  • who is that kid???

    Crista BeachCrista Beach8 kun oldin
  • hehehehe i luv u u r soooooo funny

    Sereniti CyrSereniti Cyr8 kun oldin
  • Who is Kelly?

    Grace FergiGrace Fergi8 kun oldin
  • he picks up his child to see if she weighs the same as the pogo stick

    Paige HamelPaige Hamel9 kun oldin
  • Bro the ball he got reminded me of the labyrinth :]

    Kitty DumplingKitty Dumpling9 kun oldin
  • Me: I'm gonna watch this video so I can have some fun and maybe laugh again! Also me right as soon as I start the video and he pulls out the pogo stick:🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂


    Nina RamšakNina Ramšak9 kun oldin
  • The fact that i am wearing my adidas pants right now.

    •ω• αlεx •ω••ω• αlεx •ω•9 kun oldin
  • 11:32 The little girl in the background LMAO

    Zane CarstensZane Carstens9 kun oldin
  • I have the same pogo stick

    Sophia WilliamsSophia Williams9 kun oldin

    Raeonna CroppRaeonna Cropp9 kun oldin
  • And we'll never touch the forbidden "cup"

    Makayla NeelyMakayla Neely10 kun oldin
  • His voice at 8:37 😂

    Molly JohnsonMolly Johnson10 kun oldin
  • Is she your kid

    Foxy And MangleFoxy And Mangle10 kun oldin
  • 1:58 thank you for flipping me off child

    Bl00dyyS0ulBl00dyyS0ul10 kun oldin
  • Brandon: there a riot one.. Kirirshima has entered the Chat: did you say riot ha sign me up

    Amayah RoseminAmayah Rosemin11 kun oldin
  • 1:59 to the right middle finger

    Game RoomGame Room11 kun oldin
  • The forbidden cup lol 😂

    Kiya WilkinsonKiya Wilkinson11 kun oldin
  • Watch the movie labyrinth

    dark demondark demon11 kun oldin
  • Autumn:can I smell it? Brandon:😳😳😳wh wh what no why would you want to smell it?😳😳😳 Me:😳😳😳JEAR DESUS!!!😳😳😳

    Jack KeoughJack Keough11 kun oldin
  • U can tell how good it is by how much it weighs *Picks up child*shrugs 😂😂

    Jocelyn SledgenJocelyn Sledgen11 kun oldin
  • Ahahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

    Moe-The -DogMoe-The -Dog12 kun oldin
  • "she exclaimed rudely" Brandon Farris-2020

    Gaming and stuff with ASHLY AND CHP STUDENTSGaming and stuff with ASHLY AND CHP STUDENTS12 kun oldin
  • who dat ]

    gabe kamangabe kaman12 kun oldin
  • Someone better send him a bunch of keyboards I don’t know how his keyboard survived since then

    Vaea TapareVaea Tapare12 kun oldin
  • The whole time he talked about he's merch my eyes were focused on the girl. I'm in tears.

    KertuliisajKertuliisaj13 kun oldin
  • Yup that’s a good cop you have there

    Some guy named PhoenixSome guy named Phoenix13 kun oldin
  • He’s the best dad

    Isabel MayoIsabel Mayo13 kun oldin
  • I choked on my pop 😂

    Paul DaughertyPaul Daugherty13 kun oldin
  • its a banana!!!!!! have you met cup?? ~ brandon

    April SudduthApril Sudduth13 kun oldin
  • is that your daugther

    World of craft and art.World of craft and art.14 kun oldin
    • It is his stepdaughter

      _leahjoykane_leahjoykane13 kun oldin

    Marlee WMarlee W14 kun oldin
  • Hahahaha the face tho 13:48

    Aidyn OpsomerAidyn Opsomer14 kun oldin
  • Literally can’t breathe Laughing so hard

    MaKenna PeoplesMaKenna Peoples14 kun oldin
  • 1:59 she flipped of the camera lol

    Cici And zozoCici And zozo14 kun oldin
  • DO ASMR!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tik Tok Vids for youTik Tok Vids for you14 kun oldin
  • Lmao bro when he picked up his daughter I died🤣✌️

    ThaBoiSus101 !ThaBoiSus101 !14 kun oldin
  • Why did someone send u ketchup like 😂😂

    Pinky loves cheeze LolPinky loves cheeze Lol14 kun oldin
  • Nobody: ... Me: hears Harry Potter music starts vibing

    Cinnamon SunCinnamon Sun15 kun oldin
  • I'm wearing the same pair of adidas sweat pants right now lol

    Aidan LivelyAidan Lively15 kun oldin
  • love your vids

    Mickey HouckMickey Houck16 kun oldin
  • Was he homeless?

    Pink MonsterPink Monster16 kun oldin
  • “You’re rich!” Brandon freezes and stares into the soul of every watcher looking for mimi

    Cassie AmickCassie Amick16 kun oldin
  • "Please take it outside" "THANK YOU FOR SENDING ME AN INSIDE POGO STICK!"

    another fag joined the chatanother fag joined the chat16 kun oldin
  • Do you have a wife

    Carter FranzCarter Franz16 kun oldin
  • it that yer doter?????

    Carter FranzCarter Franz16 kun oldin
  • Autumn: can I smell the cup? Brandon: nooooo you cannot smell the cup!

    Celeste SoteloCeleste Sotelo17 kun oldin
  • Autumn had Joffrey!!! XD JOFFREY! Coins under toilet lid that’s where I always find my brothers money

    Cat N Jack Slimes!Cat N Jack Slimes!18 kun oldin
  • this was uploaded on my bday

    SOLO AxstroSOLO Axstro18 kun oldin
  • Someone needs to teach this man how to shift to hogwarts he’d love it I feel like

    Jay VlogsJay Vlogs18 kun oldin
  • who is Kelly?

    Allexis StowellAllexis Stowell18 kun oldin
  • lol your vids are funny

    cute dinosaurcute dinosaur18 kun oldin
  • Ketchup usually belongs in the fridge. Good luck fitting that box in there

    ÅllieSatøÅllieSatø18 kun oldin
  • Sorry but who is Autumn

    Ashaiya Adhikary (Student)Ashaiya Adhikary (Student)18 kun oldin
  • when he fell into kelly I fell out of my chair laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Glenn WodenGlenn Woden18 kun oldin