15-Okt, 2020
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Who would make this..

  • You know your a skinny legend when your BELT falls off

    iiiSoftBunnyiiiiiiSoftBunnyiii10 soat oldin
  • When you see he has skittles in the back 🤭

    Makenzee RauschMakenzee Rausch22 soat oldin
  • Any video that I watch on your channel I laugh

  • I would like a cow tail

    Michael LewisMichael LewisKun oldin
  • I wonder what playlists these kind if videos go in lol

    mr_man45 _mr_man45 _2 kun oldin
  • Yes plzzzzzz

    Ryan GudgeRyan Gudge3 kun oldin
  • “Keep away from small children” “Mwhy”

    Kermit The AlienKermit The Alien3 kun oldin
  • When I first saw this video I laughed so hard I almost died

    Sophie ObstSophie Obst3 kun oldin
  • Nobody literally no one: Brandon: cow tail

    Chloe SonnierChloe Sonnier4 kun oldin
  • *cow tail*

    Ava HaleyAva Haley5 kun oldin
  • Every ten seconds cOw tAiL?

    Eve WutkowskiEve Wutkowski5 kun oldin
  • “There’s only 2 things im afraid of in life, give up control and CLoWns” What about ✨s p I d e r s✨

    Nikkala McDougallNikkala McDougall5 kun oldin
  • *doctor*- Brandon are you ok you seem stressed..? Brandon: Cow tail🤌🏻

    Your_local_trashcan UwUzYour_local_trashcan UwUz6 kun oldin
  • :)

    Leslie JohnsonLeslie Johnson9 kun oldin
  • I thought he is also scared of spiders

    Jayden WilliamsJayden Williams9 kun oldin
  • 0:46 Spiders and google translate...

    Spirit Guard1Spirit Guard19 kun oldin
  • Brandon: there are two things I am afraid of in life, losing control, and clowns. Me: and spiders

    Jackson LeeJackson Lee10 kun oldin
  • "Keep away from children *Why* " 💀💀😭😂

    Chicken SpiritChicken Spirit10 kun oldin
  • *cow tail?*

    ローズブッシュローズブッシュ11 kun oldin
  • Opens coat to Kelly " My lady" tips hat Few seconds later "KELLY!!!"

    Leikyn WattsLeikyn Watts11 kun oldin
  • That Machine-Gun Kelly joke was waaaayyyy under-rated.

    kbrock 9146kbrock 914611 kun oldin
  • Him in that outfit reminds me of cowboy dean

    Dakota_gaycludsDakota_gaycluds13 kun oldin
  • #stop lamp abuse

    Maggie MooMaggie Moo13 kun oldin
  • spirit would make this

    Freddie that Halloween and Christmas guyFreddie that Halloween and Christmas guy14 kun oldin
  • i hat clons

    Jayla NormanJayla Norman15 kun oldin
  • you should fight a yoga ball

    Justice ChristianJustice Christian15 kun oldin
  • I love Brandon so much 🤣

    ArizonaAnimationArizonaAnimation16 kun oldin
  • Brandon: “these badges uphold the law, this one upholds my pants” Everyone: (crickets chirping) Me: rip 2020 died watching Brandon Farris 😂

    Im BoredIm Bored17 kun oldin
  • Why u bully lamp he has a family ya know

    Magic AnniMagic Anni17 kun oldin
  • 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Funnyeggchanel Funny'sFunnyeggchanel Funny's18 kun oldin
  • The 101 people who did get cow tail r mad

    AnaBananaAnaBanana20 kun oldin
  • What is that “cow tail”?🤣 when you first said cow tail I thought of when I was little and I went to work with my dad every once and awhile we stopped at this convenient store and this sweet old man worked there and he had these candies named cow tails and it was this really long stick of Carmel wrapped in cow print plastic and I always begged my dad for one and it was like my special treat so is it the same thing because if so I kinda want to give some and force my dad to watch Disney movies and eat some with me 🤣

    Kalle YoungKalle Young22 kun oldin
  • “It’s got bars and a rapper, it could be Mgk but I doubt it.” -Brandon Farris I found this wayy funnier then I was supposed to 😂

    Haley BlantonHaley Blanton23 kun oldin

    Mason ReedMason Reed24 kun oldin
  • Me: this looks like a good vid BRANDON WALKES ITS COW TAIL

    Lisa SeylerLisa Seyler26 kun oldin
  • "why'd you have to name him willie?!" BAHAHAHA

    Dwight SchruteDwight Schrute26 kun oldin
  • 1:12 yeah all my deputies wear Adidas 😭😂

    C AC A27 kun oldin
  • I am so scared of clowns too lol

    Indigo BarileIndigo BarileOy oldin
  • What's with you and smacking the lamp ._.

    Random BishRandom BishOy oldin
  • I’m surprised nobody noticed this came from spirit

    GhostSLAYERGhostSLAYEROy oldin
  • Funniest Man On Earth!!

    Charles SimmonsCharles SimmonsOy oldin
  • Cow tail!?.... ha haha 😆 😂😆🤣😂

    Pyper LynnPyper LynnOy oldin

    Kaitlyn ClancyKaitlyn ClancyOy oldin
  • And (SPIDERS)

    Makayla HardingMakayla HardingOy oldin
  • He said he has to fears losing control and clowns right 😂 where in that list is spiders? -w-

    DekuDekuOy oldin
  • It’s funny he said John Wayne, that’s the Killer Clown AKA JOHN WAYNE GACEY.

    Boofa LoofaBoofa LoofaOy oldin
  • Great transition

    Clayton BryceClayton BryceOy oldin
  • Everytime he says cowtail I scream I want one

    CrowCrowOy oldin
  • I thought he was afraid of spiders to🤨😂

    Kloie EvansKloie EvansOy oldin
  • I love it when he said "cow tail" lol

    Rachel ChandlerRachel ChandlerOy oldin
  • That lamp has been through so much this October 😂

    Leighton EngelLeighton EngelOy oldin
  • Every secon- Brandon:cow tail? Me:every second he- Brandon:COW TAIL? ME:every second he say- Brandon:CoW tAiL?

    weird onesweird onesOy oldin
  • Him coming out of that scared the crap out of me lol

    Liz KenningtonLiz KenningtonOy oldin
  • 💜💜💜💜💜 Mel was here 💜💜💜💜💜

    Melissa Liversage The FamMelissa Liversage The FamOy oldin
  • that poor lamp still not broken yet !!!!!!

    Jamie leigh HainesJamie leigh HainesOy oldin
  • We can Thrive together we can live our lives together we can finally be together

    Thasseley GamingThasseley GamingOy oldin
  • I've not been here long at all I see is Sadness and Sorrow pain and agony but sometimes I think maybe there's a chance I might be able to save this place if I truck if I truck if I try I can get them to say I can save them finally have real dreams that can come true not hoping that maybe this endless spiral of Darkness will finally if I block you it might work if I try I can get through all the Sadness and Sorrow the pain and agony the spirals and spirals each one like a downward staircase the endless Abyss I can break through it if I can save them I can save the world

    Thasseley GamingThasseley GamingOy oldin

    JoxterJoxterOy oldin
  • Lmao

    T KensT KensOy oldin
  • Yes please cow tail

    poopyfart 5409poopyfart 5409Oy oldin
  • Why is no one talking about the idea of this prop.. He rips open his coat like that “SaY hI *WiLLy”* I’m not going to say anything else

    iiDrxmyCharlxtteiiDrxmyCharlxtteOy oldin
  • I feel so bad for the light winner how many time it's been hurt

    Phoebee BentonPhoebee BentonOy oldin
  • "Hey have you seen Kelly"?

    Darlena FoxDarlena FoxOy oldin
  • You are so funny!😂😂

    Darlena FoxDarlena FoxOy oldin
  • You are so funny I love your channel

    Gabby LaloneGabby LaloneOy oldin
  • brandon is my spirit animal

    ꜰᴜɴꜱɪᴢᴇᴅꜰᴜɴꜱɪᴢᴇᴅOy oldin
  • Cow tail!!!

    Eric RobinsonEric RobinsonOy oldin
  • Can i just have the cow tail already?!!

    Alyssa CoxAlyssa CoxOy oldin
  • Hey... Cow tail?

    BadBoyHaloBadBoyHaloOy oldin
  • Seriously comedy gold. why aren't you and SNL yet?

    RagdollFairy27RagdollFairy27Oy oldin
  • 🤔🤣🤣🤣

    Jeniah's WorldJeniah's WorldOy oldin
  • I want to know how tall he is

    Kaitlyn CarrolKaitlyn CarrolOy oldin
  • Oop my lady *takes off hat, walks away* Oh kelly!

    Dope_DobermanDope_DobermanOy oldin
  • 🤣😂🤣😂willy

    After Dark of CT Paranormal ResearchAfter Dark of CT Paranormal ResearchOy oldin
  • It's high noon

    Screaming CockatooScreaming CockatooOy oldin
  • I need this to cleanse my brain, I just looked at the black Delilah cases pictures

    J - JJ - JOy oldin
  • "its got bars.. and a wrapper. Could be MGK but i doubt it" Haha

    Ashleigh CombsAshleigh CombsOy oldin
  • You should play among us it would be funny!

    Rilee MashburnRilee MashburnOy oldin
  • yes i want a cow tail 😂

    Jayla GarciaJayla GarciaOy oldin
  • Oh my dear lord hes name is willy O

    WolfLarissaHoyleWolfLarissaHoyleOy oldin
  • That poor lamp gets abused. How does it still work?

    Jules RuoffJules RuoffOy oldin
  • It’s got “bars and a wrapper” it could be machine gun kelly but I doubt it 😂

    Easter NoodlesEaster NoodlesOy oldin
  • You forgot a fear. The spiders lol

    Carrisa LaddCarrisa LaddOy oldin
  • What I said was funny,and now you will never know what it said, I am evil

    Katie TurnbullKatie TurnbullOy oldin
  • Paper: "keep away from children" Brandon: ....... why.. *looks around* 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    SML AnimationsSML AnimationsOy oldin
  • The clown videos with this guy make me lmao dude literally

    Danni EssigDanni EssigOy oldin
  • Poor lamp 😒

    Colin BlackColin BlackOy oldin
  • Could be mgk no tellin

    Hecking MintHecking MintOy oldin
  • Just imagine getting pulled over and see thing step out the cop car and offers you a “cow tail”

    Mitch HillMitch HillOy oldin
  • “This one upholds my pants” I am wheezing send help

    EKEKOy oldin
  • Anyone else know that people who don’t know what cow tails are, are very confused 😂😂

    Melissa LMelissa LOy oldin
  • "..well its got bars and a could be mgk but i doubt it .."

    emma gallagheremma gallagherOy oldin
  • Man I wish I could eat cow tails but in 5 weeks I can bc I get my braces off 😁

    Dakota LandisDakota LandisOy oldin
  • Keep away from children "wHy" 😂

    Courtenay GallagherCourtenay GallagherOy oldin

    Zane_ Ways123Zane_ Ways123Oy oldin
  • Do you think Kelly watches his videos? I definitely would if that was my wedding picture as his co host 😁

    Brooke Rangel-LegrisBrooke Rangel-LegrisOy oldin
  • "could be MGK, but I doubt it" had me dying 😂😂

    Cora KesegichCora KesegichOy oldin
  • Mj my lady ooo kellly

    Damarion BalarkDamarion BalarkOy oldin
  • Cow tail?

    Elle RoseElle RoseOy oldin
  • why did they never take the cowtails?

    Games with GoonsGames with GoonsOy oldin