17-Okt, 2020
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I knew it..

  • This is the longest vid he’s ever posted 😂😂😂

    Destiny WintersDestiny WintersKun oldin
  • hi

    Amelia AdkinsAmelia AdkinsKun oldin
  • I have sloth pajamas and sloth socks.

    Cara TalleyCara Talley5 kun oldin
  • you are a dad

    hallee's worldhallee's world6 kun oldin
  • He always has pink drink. I could buy a mansion with the amount he has spent on Starbucks.

    Petunia DavisPetunia Davis16 kun oldin
  • hi

    Morgan BarrMorgan Barr25 kun oldin
  • Wow it goes for an hour...

    ImogenImogenOy oldin
  • ✨Me gusta tus videos✨

  • Is your name jack's stuber

    Mochi bearMochi bearOy oldin
  • I have a 🐱 to

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  • I love 💕 your 🐱

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  • Do a makeup 💄 video.

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  • Hi 🙋‍♀️

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  • Hi do more videos please email me back please

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  • @6:40 I also like the manbun on Brandon. It makes him look like Westley from The Princess Bride

    cannibalbananascannibalbananasOy oldin
  • Good sir.. , there appears to be a sloth on your back.

    samantha sanabriasamantha sanabriaOy oldin
  • move to texas

    Melissa RampyMelissa RampyOy oldin
  • why do have them

    Melissa RampyMelissa RampyOy oldin
  • name it miny me

    Melissa RampyMelissa RampyOy oldin
  • i know right!!! I have 7 kids and he still makes me happy!!!!!!!

    Melissa RampyMelissa RampyOy oldin
  • His face is adorable in this like a baby face I don’t know why 😂😂

    Trinity MooreTrinity MooreOy oldin
  • Fyi sloths are my fav animal

    Siren Likes candySiren Likes candyOy oldin
  • Hi I love the sloth

    Beverly MorrisBeverly MorrisOy oldin
  • I love how clever you are; Ravenclaw forever!

    Stacy HowardStacy HowardOy oldin
  • 😜

    Chris PintoChris PintoOy oldin
  • You are the silliest guy that has a UZworld channel

    Chris PintoChris PintoOy oldin
  • You should do videos reacting to Nukes Top 5 or Slapped Ham videos.

    Shelly958DanielShelly958DanielOy oldin
  • Hi

    Sam CherrySam CherryOy oldin
  • You have made my life

    Sara GiesbrechtSara GiesbrechtOy oldin
  • vhiiiii

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  • I think more videos with cam would be funny havent seen one in a bit

    sarah saylorsarah saylorOy oldin
  • Lol

    VIP_of the burnt_NuGgEt 153VIP_of the burnt_NuGgEt 153Oy oldin
  • Thank you for being so funny it makes me smile every day when I come back from school and sad because their schoolwork is so hard it’s kind of stressful but when I watch your videos it makes all the stress go away you make me laugh every day thank you for making me laugh love you Brandon Ferris you’re the best best

    The Young LegendThe Young LegendOy oldin
  • watching him makes me want to re subscribe and re like😭

    Nylah ReturnsNylah ReturnsOy oldin
  • Hi

    Phoenix DavisPhoenix DavisOy oldin
  • Is there a sloth on his bwack?? ( the 47-48 ppl who disliked couldn’t see the sloth I like the video 😁)

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  • I really love how a spend 59 min of my life to watch this😂

    Our .Location.MuiltstanOur .Location.MuiltstanOy oldin
  • Somehow he reminds me of one of the anatomy professors in my university😂

    いろはいろはOy oldin
  • 😯 there's something behind you!!!

    ღXxLittleLila_EditsXDXxღღXxLittleLila_EditsXDXxღOy oldin
  • Omg this is a hour long ahahah im dying but this is too funny

    jet mirendajet mirendaOy oldin
  • I think the sloths name should be Frederick !!!!

    Kayelynn SherrodKayelynn SherrodOy oldin
  • Better a sloth than a damn dirty ape😉

    Mari SchroedingerMari SchroedingerOy oldin
  • I’m imagining his possessed stuffed sloth story 🤣🤣🤣 🦥🦥🦥

    Tiger’s curse Ren squadTiger’s curse Ren squadOy oldin
  • Hi How are u

  • If it blue and a RAPTOR why not name it blue like the raptor from Jurassic world or witch ever it was with the group of raptors that the lead raptor was called blue?

    Ms. MamaBear79Ms. MamaBear79Oy oldin
  • Hi

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  • P L A Y A M O N G U S

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  • say my name

    Micah JohnsMicah JohnsOy oldin
  • You know who would have loved your sloth 🦥.... Covington I bet he would have just loved him I still miss that big guy!

    Erin SimErin SimOy oldin
  • whats up

    Micah JohnsMicah JohnsOy oldin
  • I have a slightly unhealthy sloth addiction lol

    Autumn YoungeAutumn YoungeOy oldin
  • Lol 😂 I wonder if I can plug in my phone

    Bianca Cruz brcBianca Cruz brcOy oldin
  • Call him flash

    Wesley CyganWesley CyganOy oldin
  • When he goes live he needs to look perfect. The sloths says noOoOoOoO

    ÅllÎie Thê clõwñÅllÎie Thê clõwñOy oldin
  • I love you

    The GirlThe GirlOy oldin
  • Sir, sir! You are not supposed to take the animals from the zoo!

    Death WishDeath WishOy oldin
  • I think Brandon's videos are just him forgetting to be human

    lilbitchanair parowlilbitchanair parowOy oldin
  • 🐽🐽🐽🐽

    Brooklyn UptonBrooklyn UptonOy oldin
  • Hi

    Brooklyn UptonBrooklyn UptonOy oldin
  • I approve of this video.

  • My mom has the same lamp💕💞❤️

    •Mochi- Bèar••Mochi- Bèar•Oy oldin
  • Can you donate to the SBA spina bifida agency I have spina bifida and I wanna help other people that have to deal with it to

    Cameron CampbellCameron CampbellOy oldin
  • What’s wrong with Florida? Lol

    Kristine BiroukKristine BiroukOy oldin
  • Hi

    malachi myers myersmalachi myers myersOy oldin
  • You could play among us with 1. autumn 2. Gloria 3. Cam 4. Angle 5. Me and whoever else you want

    Kyla StubbsKyla StubbsOy oldin
  • Should definitely buy the $300 thing for Halloween

    Kyla StubbsKyla StubbsOy oldin
  • Please don't do fortnite lol. I mean you can if you want to but I'm not gonna watch it....

    Kyla StubbsKyla StubbsOy oldin
  • Me: oh look Brandon uploaded Still me: about 56 minutes nope sorry

    Mia RMia ROy oldin
  • HeAhEa

    Absolute Transportation LLCAbsolute Transportation LLCOy oldin
  • hi...

    Almaaz DavidsAlmaaz DavidsOy oldin
  • Am I the only one who sees an Emo coming in for a hug as the nose of the sloth ?

    Mellowleaf UwUMellowleaf UwUOy oldin
  • I'd call him the Slotherin??😂

    Mellowleaf UwUMellowleaf UwUOy oldin
  • Make your own haunted house with your family and friends. Add to your scary friends in your room and you have a haunted house hahaha 😂😂

    Meagan TrimbleMeagan TrimbleOy oldin
  • I Love the sloth hes perfect!!!!

    tammy russelltammy russellOy oldin
  • Love you video

    Justin HarnageJustin HarnageOy oldin
  • Sloths are so cute...

    Jane OverbayJane OverbayOy oldin
  • hello

    Bernisha HendersonBernisha HendersonOy oldin
  • hello hello

    Bernisha HendersonBernisha HendersonOy oldin
  • Can the sloth’s name be Belt like the sloth from The Croods?

    Slushy WarriorSlushy WarriorOy oldin
  • No one: Me: watches live late and looks at the comments I can't type

    Allyson PatinoAllyson PatinoOy oldin
  • I like ya cut g

    Gabriele AlijosiuteGabriele AlijosiuteOy oldin
  • Ok anyone else watch the entire video😂

    Miranda OwoMiranda OwoOy oldin
    • Every single one he’s ever done 💜 and his girlfriend, sister, mom 🤣😂🤣 it’s not a problem

      Licia YoungLicia YoungOy oldin
  • Was this live

    • Yeah, because it says "live chat"

      Allyson PatinoAllyson PatinoOy oldin
  • I didn’t see that he read my comment!! My first pink drink was good it has coconut milk and a strawberry refresher no coffee i think or tea love your channel!

    Kamryn LoveridgeKamryn LoveridgeOy oldin
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Jory MarvelJory MarvelOy oldin
  • ih

    Jory MarvelJory MarvelOy oldin
  • You and gloria should do couples costumes for a week and show us the different costumes 😁😁😁😁😁

    Gabby KingGabby KingOy oldin
  • what the heck

    Reva FarrisReva FarrisOy oldin
  • Hi Brandon I am a big fan. I was having the worst year ever because my birthday was 7 days after we went into quarantine. Then my sister showed me one of your videos and it made my day. That was 6 months ago.

    DJump IndustriesDJump IndustriesOy oldin
    • @Licia Young thank you so much

      DJump IndustriesDJump IndustriesOy oldin
    • Try this... each video links his content too,

      Licia YoungLicia YoungOy oldin
  • i dont think theres a sloth :/ i think u hit ur head

    Emma OkeefeEmma OkeefeOy oldin
  • Hi

    Delilah WagonerDelilah WagonerOy oldin
  • Hai

    縁れ温ObviouslySweetnSalty縁れ温ObviouslySweetnSaltyOy oldin
  • Who else is is thinking of that video he made about the haunted stuffed sloth

    PikachuWEEBPikachuWEEBOy oldin
  • hi brandon

    NFPP WNFPP WOy oldin
  • It’s big

    moosemcgoosemoosemcgooseOy oldin
  • hi

    shi shishi shiOy oldin
  • Brandon are you okay? That's a genuine question 😂

    XxxBoba_gachaxx XXxxBoba_gachaxx XOy oldin
  • During your stream, I donated and asked for advice about my bird that flew away. Anyway, someone saw my poster about my lost bird and used it to try and get money out of me. They refused to let me see him and demanded I give them money before. Other than that, your videos help me get through this tough time, and I truly admire you. Love you Brandon, I wish you the 𝔹𝔼𝕊𝕋d( ̄◇ ̄)b

    Dai1y DepressionDai1y DepressionOy oldin
  • I’m guessing you don’t read these after the live ends 😞. Oh well doesn’t matter anyways. Nm. Listen to a band called voyager.

    Joelisa CrippsJoelisa CrippsOy oldin
  • Post more videos of you playing metal riffs on your old channel plz ❤️

    Joelisa CrippsJoelisa CrippsOy oldin
    • He used to have a riff channel but it got taken down when he lost his Facebook profile because people accidentally reported his channel as fake. Now they’re all kinda just sporadically around his channels. There are some sweet ones on his TikTok

      Licia YoungLicia YoungOy oldin