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Donuts were harmed in the making of this video..

  • i went to voodo dought before and it was so much fun

    Iyla HemenwayIyla Hemenway19 soat oldin
  • I'm jealous of your girl freind

    Ed’s mock’s and reviewsEd’s mock’s and reviews2 kun oldin
  • “There’s supposed to be a mountain around here, don’t see it.” Erebor in the background.......⛰

    Lillian CunninghamLillian Cunningham5 kun oldin
  • The dounut box is brandon proof🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    ButterflysButterflys10 kun oldin
  • Those transitions doe-

    Madpupy13Madpupy1311 kun oldin
  • the end... i died

    Aubrey WalkerAubrey Walker13 kun oldin
  • Oregon

    ramon personramon person13 kun oldin
  • Foot fetish?

    Jason LoValloJason LoVallo13 kun oldin
  • Me in Portland rn

    Brenda PerezBrenda Perez15 kun oldin
  • What happened to the dudderverse

    Saige MartinSaige MartinOy oldin
  • Portland oregon or portland maine

  • cool i live in eugune oregon

    Gabby AndersonGabby AndersonOy oldin
  • 1:54 the real koolaid man exposed

    Reeda AzeemReeda AzeemOy oldin
  • I enjoy this to much

    Sleepy ASMRSleepy ASMROy oldin
  • 0:43 what is on his pant leg

    Q ReptilianQ ReptilianOy oldin
    • You mean, the painting pants?

      Licia YoungLicia YoungOy oldin
  • Me lives in Oregon and has gone Shasta and know where they are

    Jake DayJake DayOy oldin
  • I live near Portland

    Jon hijo_0453Jon hijo_0453Oy oldin
  • 😂 😂 LMAO😂😂

    Miss BrittanyMiss Brittany2 oy oldin
  • Ya Portland in live there

    Maya waves teasMaya waves teas2 oy oldin
  • Fun fact for your “best water brand” Aquafina had a tape worm or whatever in 2019 or 2018 I think they’re owned by the Coca-Cola brand. My memory is slipping so is the details of the story.

    Jennifer WoodJennifer Wood2 oy oldin
  • Idk why I laughed so hard when you sneezed on her shoulder? Maybe I’m Just a terrible person with a terrible sense of humor where I laugh when I shouldn’t laugh n then I look stupid... nah couldn’t be that.

    Jennifer WoodJennifer Wood2 oy oldin
  • I use to live there with my mom and brothers (it was Beaverton but still)

    River RussellRiver Russell2 oy oldin
  • wait why didnt get to see you ;c

    barneybarney2 oy oldin
  • Oh my god!!! I live in portland

    Evelyn ManleyEvelyn Manley2 oy oldin
  • My friend once saw someone get mugged in Portland she was only like 12 or 13 when it happened and like she said that she felt very unsafe when she visited. I live in Washington so I'm kinda close to Portland and it's honestly a little scary when we have to drive through to go across the country.

    Emma GraceEmma Grace2 oy oldin
  • What state

    Ashpon jadeAshpon jade2 oy oldin
  • Lol the one time I'm in a different country a youtuber comes to portland

    The DiamondRELLIKThe DiamondRELLIK2 oy oldin
  • Me and my dad went to the exact same park and voodoo doughnut in Portland but it was a while ago😂

    Scrappi!Scrappi!3 oy oldin
  • I’m from Portland 😂

  • Omg I live in Oregon!!

    Bookin Ann'Bookin Ann'3 oy oldin
  • Why would you drive to that pile of waste?? Portland sucks and the whole state of Oregon wants Portland to cut out for many years now. And now it’ looks like it will destroy itself

    Brittney RhodesBrittney Rhodes3 oy oldin
  • Also voodoo doughnuts in Portland is better then krispie creme.

    The Local Music SceneThe Local Music Scene3 oy oldin
  • So close to Seattle! So close.

    The Local Music SceneThe Local Music Scene3 oy oldin
  • i want what they have autumn

    SimSim3 oy oldin
  • I love how much you love doughnuts 🍩 they are life. I only run for doughnuts. Murders can be chasing me but if there's no doughnuts I'm just power walking lol

    Megan DrianisMegan Drianis3 oy oldin

    Lexi GrimbrookeLexi Grimbrooke3 oy oldin
  • O_o 0:46

    Shayne GomesShayne Gomes3 oy oldin
  • When you said to scared to do the back flip i was like can relate

    Nutella FoxNutella Fox3 oy oldin
  • Braden: babe I'm am crashing Gloria: oh no braden: oh yaaaa

    Lisa SeylerLisa Seyler3 oy oldin
  • What’d y’all go to orrrrregon forrrr...??? LMAO 😂 😆 😝

    Marisha SnoverMarisha Snover3 oy oldin
  • Omg I was near Portland when you filmed this!!!

    Destiny PierceDestiny Pierce3 oy oldin
  • I love his transitions

    Kenley SmithKenley Smith3 oy oldin
  • Im loving the blogs

    kelsey johnsonkelsey johnson3 oy oldin
  • sneezing because of the sun is the most annoying thing I have this problem too Brandon

    Maniok CatManiok Cat3 oy oldin
  • Their too cute xD

    Previe AmantePrevie Amante3 oy oldin
  • I live in the next state over :(

    Kim JisooKim Jisoo3 oy oldin
  • I've had voodoo donuts it's so good but I really got scared I thought the donuts were going to hex me

    ZZ3 oy oldin
  • Oh my gosh I live in Portland! What! And the best doughnut shop in Portland is downtown china town is voodo doughnuts so good 😊

    JazzfammJazzfamm3 oy oldin
  • Brandon you make me laugh even when I’m sad just keep doing what your doing you could really change the world with one funny video 😊❤️ thank you 🥰

    Izzy ElyIzzy Ely3 oy oldin
  • When you make a video a week or 2 ago talking about how much your net worth is, and then you show hotels like this...😂🤣. Brandon.. it's ok to have a blessed life. You don't have to try and fake it, because y'all are very transparent...😆😀 #itsoktobeblessed

    my angel &C4my angel &C43 oy oldin
  • Why am I getting multiple notifications of the same video? This has happened for the last 3-4 days.. Please make this stop..🙄

    my angel &C4my angel &C43 oy oldin
  • “Oh you grew up here”😂😂😂😂

    Tyniah KingTyniah King3 oy oldin
  • I squealed when I saw this title because I live in Oregon. I then squealed again when I saw that you stopped in Weed, California! I grew up in Siskiyou County 😂

    Mackenzie HoagMackenzie Hoag3 oy oldin
  • 2:20 the m&m doughnut is named Marshall Mathers

    whyfoolywhyfooly3 oy oldin
  • I live in Portland but 5 days ago me and my family drove to billings

    Etta RileyEtta Riley3 oy oldin
  • The way He flipped on the bed I laughed so hard😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Its kaylenaIts kaylena3 oy oldin
  • It looks like to me that he has different girls that he has if Ya know what I mean

    MariquitaaMariquitaa3 oy oldin
  • Oh hey, that's where I live.

    Tetrin TrancyTetrin Trancy3 oy oldin
  • My cousin lives near there. She lives in Medford

    Kayla WaltonKayla Walton3 oy oldin
  • You should try Blue Star donuts next time you're in town! And for gluten-free stuff, Gem bakery is fantastic :)

    nixesha o.nixesha o.3 oy oldin
  • Ayy my hometown!!!!!

    sally spencersally spencer3 oy oldin
  • brandon being confused by the sun is such a cat thing to do

    aniani3 oy oldin
  • Uploaded 7 seconds ago????

    TheGachaTuberTheGachaTuber3 oy oldin
  • I'm only here for the thumbnail

    Mr. P BodyMr. P Body3 oy oldin
  • Oh my lanta you're 4hrs away from meeeeeeee

    karen magdalenokaren magdaleno3 oy oldin
  • I’m from Oregon and use to go to Portland all the time. Oregon is a pretty place. Now I live in California. I live 2 hours south from Sacramento

    Makayla KoomenMakayla Koomen3 oy oldin

    AmazingPotatoAmazingPotato3 oy oldin
  • I sneeze in the sun too. I feel you.

    Golden GirlGolden Girl3 oy oldin
  • Omg!! I just missed you! I went to Portland to visit my cousin! We just got back yesterday but we were there all of last week! Such a coincidence!

    Bella goldyBella goldy3 oy oldin
  • Your vlogs need to be longer!

    Sarah H.Sarah H.3 oy oldin
  • You guys were so close to me!!! I wanna cry!!!

    Tori BabbeeeTori Babbeee3 oy oldin
  • There are so many great places to visit in Portland sadly a lot are closed due to vivid but I hope you enjoy my beautiful city

    LetskickitLetskickit3 oy oldin
  • My cityyyyyy🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽

    Chanell AryanaChanell Aryana3 oy oldin
  • Love the vlogs!

    Rainbow CakeRainbow Cake3 oy oldin
  • now I want donuts--

    Ace CorpseAce Corpse3 oy oldin
  • Drive to Long beach, WA

    Anya ShepardAnya Shepard3 oy oldin
  • Ok

    Freddie MercuryFreddie Mercury3 oy oldin
  • Portland is the worst city

    Anthonu GangoAnthonu Gango3 oy oldin
  • "Is my donut still there? *looks at Brandon* *weird high pitch noise* "Babe I swear!*

    Madison CookMadison Cook3 oy oldin
  • I literally just drove from California to Nevada to Oregon to Idaho to *Oregon* to *Idaho to *OREGON* and THEN BACK TO *IDAHO* You arrived just as I was leaving Oregon for the 7th time, damn I JUST missed you

    Canaan HagemeisterCanaan Hagemeister3 oy oldin
  • Brandon: Do you want to see the view? “ I t ‘s m e, I ‘ m t h e v i e w “

    Ava MayAva May3 oy oldin
  • Hey, I had a spinal fusion done to correct my scoliosis a couple weeks ago in Portland up at the Shriners Childrens Hospital way up on the hill across from the Sky Tram (Just for those who wouldnt believe me)

    AkBoyAkBoy3 oy oldin
  • I Wanna cry Duddde I live here in Portland and I've loved this guy for so long and he is in my gosh darn city:( thats like putting candy in a 5 year olds face

    Lyricsxmusic XLyricsxmusic X3 oy oldin
  • Is no one gonna talk about how he said he "doesnt know what kind of town this is" and then right after says to his gf "oh this is where you grew up at?!" I hope it's a bit that she agreed to bc if not then that's gross.

    EmmaEmma3 oy oldin
  • I love the intro❤️😌

    C o t t a g e .R o s e.C o t t a g e .R o s e.3 oy oldin
  • Keep doing vlogs I love them! They are awesome

    Mikayla P.Mikayla P.3 oy oldin
  • yuh

    runaaazrunaaaz3 oy oldin
  • Those are some fire transitions

    Comkosskos OmenskiComkosskos Omenski3 oy oldin
  • We going to ignore the fact he sneezed on gloria😂

    korrine bonnesenkorrine bonnesen3 oy oldin
  • yo I'm in Portland wtf

    Poppy SquidPoppy Squid3 oy oldin
  • That bed is so much bigger than Brandon😂

    Rachel FinlanRachel Finlan3 oy oldin
  • Love love love this Brandon!!

    Kelly EllisonKelly Ellison3 oy oldin
  • is no one gonna talk about brandon’s amazing transitions ⁉️

    Zoei FisherZoei Fisher3 oy oldin
  • I love it... Yeeees!.

    Ariana SalamancaAriana Salamanca3 oy oldin
  • Since Jenna Marbles "quit" UZworld, Brandon Farris is my new binge watching shit show. Don't stop being extra AF.

    Z TunchZ Tunch3 oy oldin
  • To 1k comments

    Schols06Schols063 oy oldin
  • I am gonna get

    Schols06Schols063 oy oldin
  • Which Portland?

    Cameron LoweCameron Lowe3 oy oldin
  • Hi I love your vids ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Breanna JacoBreanna Jaco3 oy oldin
  • Ayyyyy Portland I’m from there

    JSupergamer20046JSupergamer200463 oy oldin