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Whoever said that the best things in life are free..was totally wrong.

  • It’s the voice crack for me

    Maggie SmithMaggie Smith2 kun oldin
  • Who else’s is watching this is 2020

    Lxuser173 Kate’sLxuser173 Kate’sOy oldin
  • oh my god "comment on the side" i havent heard that in a decade

    Elyssa CranfordElyssa CranfordOy oldin
  • Me: *wants to go rando knotting* (I have no clue how to spell it) Also me: *scared to find something creepy af*

    Aaliyah DukeAaliyah DukeOy oldin
  • 4:16 Autumn’s voice cracked! 😂

    Anime LoverAnime Lover2 oy oldin
  • Morgans channel??

    Lurkian DantiLurkian Danti3 oy oldin
  • Does your sister listen girl girl in red???

    IzzyKay _06IzzyKay _063 oy oldin

    Shannon GreenlawShannon Greenlaw3 oy oldin
  • Are they living in Gloria's old house??

    Crazy ACrazy A3 oy oldin
  • Careful with randonautica. U end up finding chopped up body parts in a suitcase

    Kathy IvoryKathy Ivory3 oy oldin
  • "Cop the merch" I love Autumn 😂😂

    Miran RoseMiran Rose3 oy oldin
  • ‘a field with daisies.’ his sister sounds lowkey cottagecorr

    Ryan MedeirosRyan Medeiros3 oy oldin
  • What app are you using

    James NolanJames Nolan3 oy oldin
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️heres your five stars😁

    Kymara McCallaKymara McCalla3 oy oldin
  • Lol this vid is kinda creepy bc of randonotica or however you spell it people say that if you think of something before going to your location once you get there you could get what ever you thought of this spooks me bc I heard that someone wanted a dog and when they got there there was a puppy and same thing but this girl thought of a bird and there was three pigons randonotica also can take you to a place you have been before and not like a local McDonald's but something special like somewhere that has a place in ur hart like this one girl thought of where her and here boyfriend had first met and she arrived there. There's also words to tell randonotica like void. void is something less spookie where as other words will take you somewhere more spookie or less spookie alot of people (girls) have been going missing and people have beef finding human remains in suitcases the app even says please take a friend or a group so if eneything happens you have other people I do not recomend downloading this app

    sophies lifesophies life3 oy oldin
  • Who is she?

    Katie CooperKatie Cooper3 oy oldin
  • Anyone know the app they used?

    Madi SpadaroMadi Spadaro3 oy oldin
  • I have the same door mat!

  • BRIAN REGAN JOKE omgggggggggg boxen of donutsssss

    Dawn WebbDawn Webb3 oy oldin
  • “First”

    YEE YEEYEE YEE3 oy oldin

    PaulTheSmallPaulTheSmall3 oy oldin
  • Shout out, me and your sister have matching hair styles!!

    Jessica MaddoxJessica Maddox3 oy oldin
  • I wonder what app they used??

    Tessa PriceTessa Price3 oy oldin
  • Love the vlogs

    Angelamongsouls PocastAngelamongsouls Pocast3 oy oldin
  • I'm really happy you bought one of those chairs. I work at staples and as long as you don't like jump in those chairs and stuff they're really comfy! They're one of my favorites!

    Punkin PaizuriPunkin Paizuri3 oy oldin
  • Y'all are so amazing lol ❤

    Donna StringerDonna Stringer3 oy oldin
  • What was the name of the app?

    Tiffani YeagerTiffani Yeager3 oy oldin
  • Omg I want that welcome mat 🤣💀

    AmbblyPuffAmbblyPuff3 oy oldin
  • 4:15 is like my favorite part

    Hailey GaylerHailey Gayler3 oy oldin
  • And your daughter is the absolute sweetest thing. My heart. 💜💜

    DestinyShaelynnDestinyShaelynn3 oy oldin
  • You honestly might be one of the nicest people ever. 😊😊

    DestinyShaelynnDestinyShaelynn3 oy oldin
  • Oh Jear Desus, Autumn is the most adorable little dooder in the world. Gonna try to make something for y'all, not sure what yet

    Alex PalmerAlex Palmer3 oy oldin

    Ariana A.Ariana A.3 oy oldin
  • When ur kiddo made the threatenings!!!!😂😂😂😂

    Rebeccah HerdenerRebeccah Herdener3 oy oldin
  • Cop the merch! Official Princess Dooder decree!

    Karina AngelesKarina Angeles3 oy oldin
  • God I hope he stops eating bugs and keeps doing these. The vlogs are one of the best series on the channel

    tony maylestony mayles3 oy oldin
  • 💜💜 They're great

    Kasey MKasey M3 oy oldin
  • Hey everyone his mom is adorable

    DrummerGirl423DrummerGirl4233 oy oldin
  • Can we be friends please I really wanna be friends

    Broccoli DogBroccoli Dog3 oy oldin
  • I have the same chair

    -skykai- :b-skykai- :b3 oy oldin
  • i love Jr's door mat

    ChristianChristian3 oy oldin
  • He said a boxen of donuts! is that a brian regan reference I see?!!

    Kate DeptuchKate Deptuch3 oy oldin
  • Dude your vlogs make my everything smile!

    Jodie AndersonJodie Anderson3 oy oldin
  • Is the pumpkin still in the toilet

    Shyanne CarlisleShyanne Carlisle3 oy oldin
  • Your sister is gorgeous! Does she happen to like rainbows, especially in June? 👉🏻👈🏻❤️👀

    Allison PrasifkaAllison Prasifka3 oy oldin
  • No one... not Brandon... not Gloria... Autumn: “if you don’t subscribe, I’ll come to yoUR HOUSE.”

    Lee GeeLee Gee3 oy oldin
  • I need a chair. Guess I should also try this.

    Jessica Argueta DiazJessica Argueta Diaz3 oy oldin
  • I freaking love your girlfriends laugh. Its amazing

    The Little BeastyThe Little Beasty3 oy oldin
  • "Boxen of donuts" i honestly forget sometimes that you also know and like Brian Regan, so that statement caught me off guard and then i was like, "oh yeah!"

    Megan MaddenMegan Madden3 oy oldin
  • Loving your Vlogs! Please keep them up!!!!

    Jennifer SuggsJennifer Suggs3 oy oldin
  • Post Malone Junior

    Russell MarshRussell Marsh3 oy oldin
  • Are we supposed to guess wats in the box?? .... no?? But i wonna... A shirt with a saying on it. Something hand made A card. A childs drawing 👌😉💪😆

    WithLuv_valerie zWithLuv_valerie z3 oy oldin
  • I am LOVING these vlogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Karissa SnyderKarissa Snyder3 oy oldin
  • YES! Eatanin a boxen of donuts!

    Katy ClarkKaty Clark3 oy oldin
  • I love Autumn!

    Sherri AnsalduaSherri Ansaldua3 oy oldin
  • She said if u don’t subscribe she will come to my house Can I say I unsubscribed will it still work

    Chrissy ._. 88Chrissy ._. 883 oy oldin
  • What was the name of that app

    Joshwa McGeeJoshwa McGee3 oy oldin
  • What is this app

    kaycee Tokarskykaycee Tokarsky3 oy oldin
  • Tell your sister I'm loving her hairs

    Emi GoreEmi Gore3 oy oldin
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    There are blessings in everything Genesis 50:20There are blessings in everything Genesis 50:203 oy oldin
  • What's this app called I need free dirty and a free office chair😔😿

    ElmariaJinElmariaJin3 oy oldin
  • hey brandon! im going to California today! what is fun over there?

    lemonheadlemonhead3 oy oldin
  • Hiiiii

    Christy HeadChristy Head3 oy oldin
  • do a building legos vid

    Triston ButcherTriston Butcher3 oy oldin
  • WAIT. BRANDON. You should get Roblox. Like, now.

    Trinity BarthTrinity Barth3 oy oldin
  • I love you

    E and M All DAYE and M All DAY3 oy oldin
  • many moose....moosen!

    Chris MeltonChris Melton3 oy oldin
  • What's that app you were using?

    Amanda Williams WilsonAmanda Williams Wilson3 oy oldin
  • Im loving these vlogs!

    Amanda CraftAmanda Craft3 oy oldin
  • BRANDON you are such a kind person. Anyone would be proud to call you a friend!.

    AlenaAlena3 oy oldin
  • merch store is Imbrandonfarris.shop btw u can click on that

    Sarah TillmanSarah Tillman3 oy oldin

    txrtxr3 oy oldin
  • my little brother worked his ass off to buy himself this gaming chair and the movers broke it, he's still hurt about it (happened like 2 months ago)

    Lilian FernandezLilian Fernandez3 oy oldin
  • "Cop the merch" 😆😆

    Mabeline CortezMabeline Cortez3 oy oldin
  • There was so sweet of you to go get him a new chair👍🏻♥️

    Debra JacksonDebra Jackson3 oy oldin
  • Was that kidbehindthecameras threat (ill go to your house)

    SirRosquilla999SirRosquilla9993 oy oldin
  • He haven’t posed in a day ;-;

    Ëppīė Thę WēírdõËppīė Thę Wēírdõ3 oy oldin
  • That was so awesome! ^^ I would have been really happy with the free chair, it looked really comfy!

    kattekarenkattekaren3 oy oldin
  • I spent this quarantine going back and watching every single video one by one and I’ve officially caught up. Now what? I don’t know what to do with my hands...

    Bethany VarnerBethany Varner3 oy oldin
  • "Ah its lefthanded." "The screwdriver?"

    Levi WhiteLevi White3 oy oldin
  • Am here for these vlogs.

    Rachel Bonitz KnitsRachel Bonitz Knits3 oy oldin
  • I want you to play Minecraft I think it would a funny video of you playing Minecraft

    Derek BallantineDerek Ballantine3 oy oldin
  • I did that and it took me to an abandoned house with dolls in it I’m still frightened

    Bailey MoorfootBailey Moorfoot3 oy oldin
  • To whoever pressed the dislike button either you meant to and shall haunt you when I die or you didn’t mean to and I still won’t frogive you

    Hayley DaveyHayley Davey3 oy oldin
  • When you can you should make a google translate with your moustache it curly like a fancy man

    Joseph SmithJoseph Smith3 oy oldin
  • You’re sweet for buying Jr a chair. Also love how Autumn loves you. 🧡

    Its AlmsIts Alms3 oy oldin
  • Does UZworld keep uploading your videos?

    Bi_Panic_28Bi_Panic_283 oy oldin
  • Thankyou very much I love your vids and they always make me crack up especially the "trying 5 minute craft" vids.

    Christian savageChristian savage3 oy oldin
  • Is that little girl your girlfriends daughter

    kaleigh guthriekaleigh guthrie3 oy oldin
    • @Rachel Hill so he has a potential daughter if they get married 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺awwwwwwe

      kaleigh guthriekaleigh guthrie3 oy oldin
    • yes

      Rachel HillRachel Hill3 oy oldin
  • Loving these vlogs!! They’re a lot of fun!!

    Faith SFaith S3 oy oldin
  • You are such a blessing and a awesome soul. Thanks for your kindness ☺️❤️👍💯

    Momo43 MomoMomo43 Momo3 oy oldin
  • i wish his vlogs were way longer dey funny follow ma tik tok - @l.3.x.1_

    LexxxLexxx3 oy oldin
  • That was so nice of you! I love when you do things like that! 🥰💜

    Tasha 405Tasha 4053 oy oldin
  • it’s 3am and i just puked my brains out multiple times and this is the only things that makes me feel better and less nauseous, thank you

    Keyra HerringtonKeyra Herrington3 oy oldin
  • Brandon, I doubt you’ll ever see this. But I discovered you about a week ago and I cannot stop watching your videos. You are literally my new favorite person in the whole world and I mean that very seriously. Your videos cheer me up and make a bad day good. Please keep doing what you’re doing! Much love.

    Urban NinjaUrban Ninja3 oy oldin
  • Lol autumn

    Dom DoyleDom Doyle3 oy oldin
  • Why is there I chair....? 😳

    Dom DoyleDom Doyle3 oy oldin
  • I heard randonauting is scary

    Dom DoyleDom Doyle3 oy oldin
  • lol I love you guys

    Dom DoyleDom Doyle3 oy oldin
  • I wish I was half as brave as his sister. No way in heck I'd even go up to someone's yard to grab a free item, and I certainly could not go up to their door as ask to borrow a screwdriver. I'm too.... something... for that. Took me forever to even feel comfortable going through a drivethrough... until I realized I have to see people more if I go in. Drivethrough it is. Only. Lol...

    Shannon StiborShannon Stibor3 oy oldin