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Well if it makes you feel any better I can't stop burping fish..

  • Anyone else notice how suddenly a black SUV suddenly turned into a red sedan at 2:10? It must be magic! ;)

    Natalie WNatalie W23 daqiqa oldin
  • #Istayed

    Lexi HartsellLexi Hartsell11 soat oldin
  • #IStayed but 2 months late. I don't need the money. Well yes I do i need a new apartment but that's not the point. The point is, SALLY! I dont know if your names Sally but if it is hi. The point is I love youre random buttox videos enough to stay through the whole video including the sweet anxious rambling of 10 minutes performed by a southern Ginger Man. Btw I don't mean buttocks as in you make butt videos but as in...idk you know what I meant okay I was just sencoring myself BYE and thank you for the content. Okay bye. See ya next video binge.

    harmony gustharmony gust12 soat oldin
  • #i stayed i dont need anything though so ima just leave a like on the vid

    Pj HPj H15 soat oldin
  • It was because Kelly wasn't with you :) next car ride bring Kelly along and do another 10 minutes

    Chandra RippeChandra Rippe17 soat oldin
  • i stayed but im late

    Lumina OceanLumina OceanKun oldin
  • #istayed

    Pypier_sPypier_sKun oldin
  • omg u littrly attc how i do XD

    Pypier_sPypier_sKun oldin
  • Lol

    Jalynn RoghairJalynn RoghairKun oldin
  • #istayed 😂✌🏻

    Aleera RaineyAleera RaineyKun oldin
  • I didn't say I love u too at the end YOU DID 😂 #i stayed 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Savana ClarkSavana ClarkKun oldin
  • I stayed and I loved your raw content you should do more!!

    Mallory LarsonMallory LarsonKun oldin
  • #Istayed and I want... . . . To go to sleep...

    Amora Neke LukisanAmora Neke LukisanKun oldin
  • Stay safe! I love you too byeeeeeee lol #Istayed

    Stormy LovelandStormy LovelandKun oldin
  • #istayed you should do more of the ten minute things

    krissy mainkrissy mainKun oldin
  • #i stayed until the end

    Rose AgraistRose AgraistKun oldin
  • #istayed also first youtube video i have every commented on

    Jayton ChapmanJayton ChapmanKun oldin
  • #Istayed

    WitcherWitcherKun oldin
  • I stayed until the end, 2 months after you posted. Hahaha. But you're always funny.

    ChristiAna O'BrienChristiAna O'BrienKun oldin
  • #Whatever #istayedhomeallof2020🤣

    Lisanne HoekstraLisanne HoekstraKun oldin
  • #i stayed

    Tucker HurtTucker Hurt2 kun oldin
  • #istayed lol

    Scottish lassScottish lass2 kun oldin
  • It’s awesome to see you unfiltered love your videos they have helped me through the pandemic this last month thank you #istayed

    Tristan JensenTristan Jensen2 kun oldin

    Holly LutherHolly Luther2 kun oldin
  • I stayed

    Mallory JacksonMallory Jackson2 kun oldin
  • #istayed CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW HE GOT SUPER INTRIGUED ABOUT THE PROCESS OF SALIVA... because same how... how does that work???

    Kim GKim G2 kun oldin
  • I want 100 bucks

    Insecurity of HopeInsecurity of Hope2 kun oldin
  • #istayed

    Samantha EvansSamantha Evans3 kun oldin
  • #istay

    Casey the artistCasey the artist3 kun oldin
  • My inner child just burst out laughing when he started talking about the shity air condition in his Prius that should how much of a child I am till this day XD LMFAO

  • i stayed XD

    Silver FlameSilver Flame3 kun oldin
  • The end was the best, Y'all missed out if y'all left. #Istayed. lol

    Theresa CordovaTheresa Cordova3 kun oldin
  • I watched till the end

    Ruby rose mortonRuby rose morton3 kun oldin
  • I don't have PayPal may ˆjust get a letter as you sent to quendalinn? (Idk how to spell her name) :3

    ImFrenchFightMeImFrenchFightMe4 kun oldin
  • I want to hear you on the guitar more often! your so talented on soooo many levels!

    Amanda WhalenAmanda Whalen4 kun oldin
  • you have the vibe of a vegan that doesn't know what a cacao nut is

    Joanah ParsonsJoanah Parsons4 kun oldin
  • Tahoe or not Tahoe? That is the question. I'd wager rat tail hair curl and a plague-carrying rat the we all #stayed. Sincerely, Often Asleep When Sleeping, a 5' tall, 14% Dutch gal who thinks black licorice should be called "punishment candy."

    genghisconniegenghisconnie4 kun oldin
  • I hit a deer on the way home from work at 2AM after missing my family thanksgiving and this video made me feel better

    Hidden Panda ProductionsHidden Panda Productions4 kun oldin
  • 15:39 just..

    Emily MartinEmily Martin4 kun oldin
  • #iStayed do more vids with swallows its funny

  • Okay so this has nothing to do with this video but I wanna see a video of Gloria and Autumn opening their gifts too

    Dakotah LloydDakotah Lloyd4 kun oldin
  • #istayed 🤣🤣your awesome brandon, thank you for making me laugh 😆

    Courtney BowmanCourtney Bowman4 kun oldin
  • Wait brendon streams on twitch?

    Shelby FloydShelby Floyd4 kun oldin
  • # i love you to

    we ebwe eb4 kun oldin
  • #istayed I stayed cuz I was making a smoothie and I felt like you can’t just mot finish a video

    Emily AbendEmily Abend4 kun oldin
  • #IstadecuzIwanted :)

    Danika BelmonteDanika Belmonte4 kun oldin
  • Watched it sort of late... buuuut #istayed 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ lol

    Steph PaulSteph Paul4 kun oldin
  • #Istayed “ don’t really what your money I just what you to know I’m a HUGE FAN ♥️♥️♥️ and you always make me feel better” love you and hope you see this 😁

    Lovely VioletLovely Violet5 kun oldin
  • #istayed

    Anna WilliamsAnna Williams5 kun oldin
  • #istayed ... Ngl I dont want money I realy watch your videos to hear I love you ... Never hear it from anywhere elce ... If you ever pick me as a comment give 1 doller to your known homless dude everyone has one but 100 times .... Oh I toatily started doing frisby lessons cos I'm cool I'm from the UK by the way but still spell color like you guys I get rid off for it but hey can't break a few lemons without cooking some eggs ...wait that's not it ... Bye

    Jake IrwinJake Irwin5 kun oldin
  • #istayed...... or something, idk!

    Suzanne DijkhuizenSuzanne Dijkhuizen5 kun oldin
  • #eyestayed idk if i have a paypal, and i dont think itll work cause im only 12 :')

    Karley EarlKarley Earl5 kun oldin
  • Brandon that was hilarious the randomness of it was real and awesome lol #istayed

    Grace FergiGrace Fergi5 kun oldin
  • little late but #istayed lmao

    JakobInTheHouseJakobInTheHouse5 kun oldin
  • It's a fake brandon..... Real Brandon said he'd never give away his monies 😂 #istayed (Edit: this is a joke btw 😂)

    Sparrow CollinsSparrow Collins5 kun oldin
  • #istayed 😂👌

    home grown studiohome grown studio5 kun oldin
  • Did u ever find your package lmao?

    Avery WhiteAvery White5 kun oldin
  • #Istayed

    478 Rippa478 Rippa5 kun oldin
  • i stayed. i think your awesome and I'm also a red head ginger with blue eyes i love your video's.

    Lucy SkyLucy Sky5 kun oldin
  • #Istayed but I don't have PayPal, and that's okay still. Thanks for the entertainment!

    Katana 91Katana 915 kun oldin
  • Ok. I seriously try to like the youtube videos I actually like. That being said AS SOON as I heard the guitar in this intro I totally couldn't hit the like button fast enough!! Thank you for being so creative, interesting, funny, but most of all CONSISTENT!!!

    Katana 91Katana 915 kun oldin
  • Stayed

    Shelley SchogerShelley Schoger5 kun oldin
  • #I stayed

    The OG Potato GamesThe OG Potato Games5 kun oldin
  • #Istayer

    MTGZoneMTGZone5 kun oldin
  • I just wanted to say I stayed till the end lol don't give me money though🤣😂 I don't need it

    orange wolforange wolf5 kun oldin
  • # I stayed

    Lmc PenlandLmc Penland5 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Gracie HagerGracie Hager5 kun oldin
  • #IStayed I love your videos! “What kind of aggressive left turns am I making here?!” Even when you’re free-styling with no edits, it’s hysterical!

    Megan BerenottoMegan Berenotto6 kun oldin
  • I really appreciate the continuas filming. It was great and I think I’d enjoy more of it

    Mackenzie WalshMackenzie Walsh6 kun oldin
  • #IStayed

    Jacob BradyJacob Brady6 kun oldin
  • #istayed 🙃

    Ash RothwellAsh Rothwell6 kun oldin
  • #istayed

    Butter Among usButter Among us6 kun oldin
  • #istayed because I care...

    Jon FranklinJon Franklin6 kun oldin
  • #Istayed. Yeah, I know I'm late to the party, but at least I showed 😁

    Summer RoystonSummer Royston6 kun oldin
  • Its 2 months late but #IStayed

    floppydisk87floppydisk876 kun oldin
  • “ Saliva turns into pee right? “ part 7482 of questions asked by Brandon that needs to be answered #istayed

    THÊ QUEÈNTHÊ QUEÈN6 kun oldin
  • Brandon: " which I've been doing this entire time! Faker! I knew it! She a fake!" *shoots confettee bomb thingy at camra* I dont know why but that part just cracks me up, I love your videos Brandon they are SO funny and sometimes I'll stay up late and watch your videos and have to bury my face in the pillow because I dont wanna be loud cuz I'm laighing!!! Have a great thanksgiving!!!! #istayed :)

    Emma MarshEmma Marsh6 kun oldin
  • #istayed

    MallDee 911MallDee 9116 kun oldin
  • I know im late to the party. But this was beautiful and i just want you to know this made my night. Its freaking hard put yourself out there, BUT YOU DID IT. AND IM PROUD OF YOU! Thank you for making everyone's lives better by sharing your's. Trust me you did great, my adhd would have been like hahaha 10 mins okay lets talk about 110 things and only finish two full sentences lol..your 5 min crafts stress balls thing had me rolling tho. Ya thats how i found this 2 month ago video. A birdie told me u wanted to know. Well thats enough of me talking just wanted you to know U ARE AMAZING AND YOU HAVE CHEERED ME UP IN SOME REALLY HARD TIMES. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH BRANDON!! #istayed & if it makes u feel better i loved every minute. Happy Thanksgiving man!❤

    Christa HortonChrista Horton6 kun oldin
  • Hashtag I stayed. I'll be honest I was crocheting and I had a long row to finish. I started the video and just didn't feel like putting down my work to switch the video. 😜 My kids and I love watching your videos.

    Tamara LainezTamara Lainez6 kun oldin
  • #I stayed or something 😅

    Payten MorrowPayten Morrow6 kun oldin
  • I have like no life so I watched the whole vid 😂

    Trinatte SeymourTrinatte Seymour6 kun oldin
  • "I def dont park a poop in my Prius vents" Best tounge twister said perfectly. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    EromaticsEromatics6 kun oldin
  • #istayed

    Nevaeh ConleyNevaeh Conley6 kun oldin
  • The 10 min uncut video was honestly instructive on how videos are made and that even if your not always funny, with editing, you can be hilarious. Side note, I want a whole video of that guitar amazingness

    EromaticsEromatics6 kun oldin
  • lol Brandon is me, i go outside an try to take selfies and if anyone looks at me i shut down,like well now i guess i wont be taking any selfies lmbo

    Queen Jen JenQueen Jen Jen6 kun oldin
  • "When somebody looks at me I just shut down" This is me #istayed

    hailey valeriohailey valerio6 kun oldin
  • #ISTAYED Hi, My name is Payton and I am a huge fan of you. I found you on TikTok and now I can't stop watching you.

    Payton RasmusPayton Rasmus6 kun oldin
  • #Istayed I love your vids even the ones you think are weird those are my favorite

    Jazlynn LedesmaJazlynn Ledesma6 kun oldin
  • #istayed

    Joeiee HolllmanJoeiee Holllman6 kun oldin
  • I was Watching to the end

    Nina HamlinNina Hamlin6 kun oldin
  • This was so funny I loved the last 10 mins

    isabella wandelisabella wandel6 kun oldin
  • #istayedorsomethingthatwayiknowyoustayed

    Gacha Eggos ツGacha Eggos ツ6 kun oldin
  • #istayed

    isabella wandelisabella wandel6 kun oldin
  • #istayed

    Austinr GilesAustinr Giles6 kun oldin
  • Do you pee saliva....? We will never know. #istayed

    Arelia's WørldArelia's Wørld6 kun oldin
  • I stayed, two months too late... 🥺

    Vermont MomVermont Mom6 kun oldin
  • #istayed Also I feel as though I would do the exact same thing if I were to drive around by myself, just talk about random topics and nothing all at once 🤣

    Sasha DysonSasha Dyson6 kun oldin
  • #istayed

    Ashely CraikAshely Craik6 kun oldin
  • Right me if I'm wrong but he kinda sounded like siri malfunctioning at the beginning of the unedited video.

    Ashely CraikAshely Craik6 kun oldin